Brandon Huffman and Greg Biggins give their thoughts on Stanford commits and targets from The Opening

The Cardinal already have commits in key positions, who could they add?

BEAVERTON, ORE- Stanford commits Davis Mills and Colby Parkinson impressed last week at The Opening. How good could they be for the Cardinal? Scout national director of recruiting Brandon Huffman shares his thoughts along with a few other Stanford targets in the video above. In addition to that, Scout recruiting analyst Greg Biggins gives his assessment of Mills, Parkinson and the top offensive tackle recruit Foster Sarell:

He's a five-star now, could be the #1 quarterback in the nation. I love everything about the way he plays, the way he carries himself. Again, I've used this so many times, and I don't want to keep using it but it comes back to Andrew Luck. I don't want to compare those two, but it just reminds me how when Andrew Luck threw the ball, it was so effortless. People questioned his arm strength even though he could throw the ball down the field and had tremendous arm strength, he never really just needed to gun it in there because he was so smart. With Davis, you never see him really have to overextend and exert a whole lot of "oomph". The ball is just effortless out of his hand, whether it's a little running back screen or deep post. The motion is the same every single time. That's important because accuracy is huge for Davis. He is incredibly smart obviously, he's going to Stanford. He understands timing, anticipations, he can read coverages early and gets the ball out on time. You can tell that because you don't see receivers catching the ball behind them. He gets the ball out early and he's leading these guys. For me, he is easily a top-3 quarterback and could be the number-one guy in the nation.

He's extremely fluid, you don't see a lot of wasted motion. A lot of these (tight ends) are the bigger, bulkier guys. They will make a catch and that's it. He can get up the field, catch the ball, make a guy miss, get up the field. He's got a great frame, 6-foot-5, 6-foot-6, and he's going to put on 30 pounds with ease, has great hands. Watching him a couple days ago, everyone is trying to make these one-handed catches and dropping half of them, that's not his deal. He goes up and catches every ball, soft hands, dependable. You look at everything a tight end should have whether it be the frame, the hands, routes, the body, the dependability, off the field, tremendous work ethic, tremendous student. I think right now he is our number-two tight end but for me, he is number-one. I can't see someone being better than him. I've heard that from a few national guys who haven't seen him before, saying "Who could be better than that guy?".
If signing day was today, I think (Stanford) would get Foster Sarell. Again, he is tremendous day-to-day. To me, he was the top tackle. You don't see a guy with that kind of size who can move so fluidly. Everyone was just looking at him and was in awe. He's a giant of a kid. He literally moves and has the lateral mobility of a guy who is 225 pounds and he is probably close to 300. You can tell he played basketball because he is an athlete. At the next level, everyone is big, but the really, really elite tackles are the guys that can move their feet and get out to stop those speed rushers and edge rushers. He is just so gifted and the game just looks easy for him. In the one-on-ones, he won every rep, and I don't think it was close. It's probably going to come down to Stanford and Washington, that's the hometown school. There are some other schools trying to get involved, but I think those are the two schools. I think Stanford is in a pretty good spot. 

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