The 2018 Texas star is coming off an ACL injury but wasted no time getting back to work.

He already has some big-time programs on his offer list.

Katy James Taylor High School (Tex.) defensive end Max Wright got to take a small break from the recruiting life earlier this summer. While in Tyler, Texas for a church camp, Wright was without a phone or any communication with the outside world, something he found "refreshing". He came back relaxed and to a big stack of mail from his college suitors. 

It was a quick breath of air before a busy summer concludes for Wright. Trips Georgia and the NFL prep academy have been on the books for Wright. He also said he hopes to get to Stanford this summer while on vacation with his family. 
College football giants like Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Stanford and Texas A&M have all offered (among others) in hopes to add this 6-foot-4, 235-pound playmaker that can do a little bit of everything. When describing himself, the four-star recruit starts with "versatile." As a sophomore last year, he played running back, wide receiver, tight end, defensive line, outside linebacker.
It seems like nothing can slow down Wright's recruitment, not even a torn ACL he suffered 10 months ago. He continued to pile up offers and returned a stronger and smarter player. 
"Going into a season where I think I can do a lot for my team, I thought I was going to be able to climb the rankings as a player. Then, I hurt my knee and everything just slowed down. It was definitely a rough, rough time. I was just lucky enough to have my family there to back me up," Wright said.
"It was a hard thing, but it was a blessing too. It gave me a chance to work on other parts of my game like the mental side and outsmart people...Eventually, I'm going to face someone as big as me and I will have to play smarter than them."
And Wright said his knee is ready for the wear and tear of a football season. He played in a 7-on-7 tournament the day after he was cleared and was told he was "elusively fast" by teammates.
Now, as far as the recruitment goes, Wright has some time to make his decision. He said he would like to commit in the summer leading up to his senior year, the same timeframe which his teammate, Camron Horry, committed to Texas A&M. But he is not dead set on that timeline.
"I'm definitely going to commit when I'm 100% invested in a school," Wright said.
And Stanford is one of the top schools on his list.
"They are definitely up there because they are a successful team, a very good coaching staff, and they are a great school also. They are definitely in the running," Wright said.
He cited Stanford's success in the front seven and ability to develop players to play in the NFL as one of their biggest draws.

"Whenever it comes to the tradition of putting people to the next level, that's important to me. Whenever it involves people that I want to hopefully follow that definitely was a valuable role in picking up a school. I'm hoping to make a career out of this one day and hopefully help out my family so whatever can help me get to the next level can help a lot."

"It's such a great option not just as a football player but from an academic standpoint It will be hard academically, but it will give me something after football."

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