"They said it was an opportunity of mutual responsibility."

The defensive end has had very productive trips to The Farm. Will he be heading there next year?

The student portion of student-athlete is stressed by Van Meter (Iowa) class of 2017 defensive end Dylan Boles.

In middle school, he went on the US World News Report to see the top schools in the nation. There were Ivy League schools throughout the list, as well as Stanford. The young football player took note. 
"I would watch Stanford as a young kid. It just kind of developed from there, my love for program just developed and I would watch a lot of other Ivy League programs as well," Boles said. "I was always interested in watching them whereas other people want to watch the big-time programs like Texas or USC. It was definitely a program along with the other Ivy leagues that I'm looking out that I wanted to go to their camp."
The past two years, Boles has attended Stanford's summer camp. He has been able to catch the eye of the Stanford staff to the point that they have offered him a preferred walk-on spot. In fact, Stanford running backs coach Morgan Turner flew out to see Boles the first week of spring evaluations. The staff encouraged him to start working with the admissions office.

"They said it was an opportunity of mutual responsibility. I had to make sure to do what I was doing and they had to make sure they did as well, and they said it would work out," Boles said.
Clearly, academics and football prowess are high priorities for Boles when choosing a landing spot, but the staff also has to possess mentors to help him grow on and off the field.
 Another check in favor for the Cardinal.
"(I want to) make sure the men behind the program were solid," Boles said. "Going out to Stanford and seeing firsthand what that staff is like and be able to do to deal with Coach Reynolds and Coach McKenzie and some of those other assistance was very eye-opening because it gave me a taste of what they're like on a daily basis."
Boles said the three schools jumping out to him currently are Stanford, Dartmouth and Northwestern, and he hopes to have a decision by the end of the season.
After a busy summer where he attended eight camps, Boles and his two younger brothers, who are also football players, are using their sibling rivalry to push themselves in the weight room.  
"My brothers and I started doing lifting on top of the school workouts at our local gym. We did a lot of stuff that our school workouts don't hit...more flexibility and mobility type stuff because that's what a lot of programs have harped on," the defensive end said. "You have to have a guy that's flexible, mobile, agile. If you can't bend, you can't play football, a lot of them say. That's the bottom-line so we make sure we had on that."
He is hoping that helps him have a huge senior year.
"I'm already in the football mindset, and I'm already kind of conditioned from the football camps and have started mentally figuring out what I need to do in terms of hand positioning."
It's not just the physical conditioning for Boles though. He spent the offseason looking at film of NFL pass rushers like Chris Long, Rob Ninkovich, Cameron Wake, and Clay Matthews to pick up any tips for his own game.
"I work on my game first and then watch guys to see if I can use some of their moves to add some diversity to my game," Boles said. "Everyone's dream is JJ Watt or Reggie White, so I watch a lot of them too."

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