Stanford Cardinal Basketball Recruit Jase Fabres Names His Top Five Choices

Houston Swingman Jase Febres of the Class of 2017 included Stanford in his final five choices today, and then talked to The Bootleg about his process moving forward and his impressions of the Cardinal coaching staff.

Stanford Basketball continues to make the most of its recruiting opportunities with the Class of 2017.  Rising Swingman Jase Febres announced via Twitter that Stanford had made his Final Five, with a string of September visits to precede a decision Febres hopes to make well before October 9 and the beginning of his high school season.


Stanford was the only school to make Febres’ Final Five while not being located in the Lone Star State.  Baylor, Texas, Texas A&M, and Houston round out Febres’ preferred schools, all of whom have offered him.


The Cardinal is set to receive Febres on September 17, in between his trips to Austin on September 10 and Baylor September 24.  Undoubtedly, Stanford’s football game vs. USC that weekend will be on Febres’ weekend agenda.  In fact, Febres scheduled his visits to coincide with football games intentionally.

“I want to see the college atmosphere for a big football game, get a good idea about the school spirit,” Febres said.

Asked about his own game, Febres said “I think I’m very versatile.  I think I can guard every position one through five.”  Febres went on to say that his 6’6” frame helped him from his two-guard spot, because he has the size to take smaller guards in the post and the quickness to keep them in front of him on defense. According to Febres, his size and skills have always helped him “stretch the defense.”  

Jase indicated that having family in California made it easier for him to include the Cardinal in his final five.  NC State was the only other contender not from Texas. The trip on September 17 will be his first to the Farm.  He says that as he looks to make his final decision, the criteria will be more subjective.  “I don’t want to go to a college where I don’t feel like I’ll be happy there,” he says.

Febres mentioned two factors helping the Cardinal’s pursuit of him.   First off, one of the big factors in taking down his list from 27 schools to five was the existing depth chart of some of the schools.  Febres feels like he’d have a chance to contribute immediately at Stanford as a Freshman given the lack of a dominant perimeter scorer on the Cardinal roster.

Febres also liked that Stanford’s coaches “talk to me about more than just basketball,” and have taken an interest in him as a student and as a person as well as a basketball prospect. That being said, he also appreciated the fact that the coaches “don’t sugarcoat anything” in evaluating his game and offered drills he could utilize to improve.

Jase is definitely a fan of the position-less basketball becoming more and more in vogue in the college and pro game.   He confirmed that the teams he currently plays on all incorporate a style that utilizes a highly versatile lineup.  It’s clear that the new Stanford coaching staff wants to take the program down that path, and with the recent commitment of Kezie Okpala it’s clear they have a vision of the type of player they intend to pursue.

Febres is an intriguing talent making a late charge up the recruiting charts, much as the Cardinal is in the midst of a strong close on the Class of 2017.  We’ll have more on whether or not their fates end up aligned, but one thing’s for sure:  Cardinal fans will be cheering for more than a football win over USC come September 17.

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