The center is making Stanford football a family affair.

“Having my dad go there and having him coach there, it always set the example for me that one, it's doable and two, it's such a great place with the opportunity it provides for football and after football.”

Salinas (Calif.) Palma center Drew Dalman became the latest player to verbally commit to the Cardinal Tuesday morning 

It was something that had been in the works for a while.

“I've been talking with (Stanford) for a long time. That's a school I've always been interested in so it's been a little bit of a long road as far as that goes,” the three-star center said. “I got my application in probably three weeks ago...and the last few weeks I've been waiting to hear on that.

I heard last night and I called Coach Shaw, and he let me know my application had been accepted and that's all I needed to hear. So the commitment came pretty soon after that."

Dalman, the son of former Stanford offensive lineman and assistant coach Chris Dalman, said he had an offer from the Cardinal for a few weeks, but didn't make that public knowledge. The 6-foot-3, 255-pound interior offensive lineman is among the 2017 class's elite centers.

Dalman knew Stanford could be an option from a young age. It was a school he strived for since running wind sprints with the team while his dad was a coach.

I was definitely having a lot more fun than those guys doing conditioning,” Dalman laughed.  “I was always two feet away from him. It's great to grow up around that because you learn to like it and you learn to aspire to it.”

His father was a real-life example of what the young football player could become.

“Having my dad go there and having him coach there, it always set the example for me's doable's such a great place with the opportunity it provides for football and after football,” Dalman said.

Being a coach's son also gave him something valuable: perspective.

“You learn to see a little bit of the big picture because as a football player, you can sometimes zone in to one player or what you're doing," Dalman said. "But when you have a better knowledge of what everyone is doing, you can better predict the movement of the defenses as far as offensive line play goes. I think it was huge as far as seeing the bigger picture and not be limited to what's in front of you.”

Football isn’t the only reason Dalman committed to the Cardinal. As the son of two educators, he values the opportunities that can come with a Stanford degree. He should fit right into the Stanford offensive line just fine, a group he describes a bunch of future doctors and engineers, ya know, “smart guys.” And that is where the similarities begin.

“They all love football to death just like me, and they are going to go out there and put their nose down and beat guys up," Dalman said. "It's just exciting to watch those guys work and learn from them because I'm sure there is plenty of stuff I can learn from them and be a part of that eventually.”

Dalman also said there is a potential he could play guard for the Cardinal, and he is the first lineman to join the class of 2017.


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