Week in Review

For those who may have missed a story or two in the past week, here is a complete recap (and description) of all articles published in the last seven days. Week in Review

(Week ending 9/16/01)


As you would expect, in a week filled with tragedy, went to a very limited publishing schedule.

Last Monday, Gail Tate checked in with her Foreplay, yes, Fourpeat, NO!, a testy piece which noted the strong performance by the Cardinal in the opener against B.C. but warned that another loss to San Jose would spoil our promising start. Gail will now have to wait until December for that curiously-named "Silicon Valley Classic" to be played.

Late Monday night, Tree Boy released his BootPowerRatings - Stanford held on to the top spot but is being pushed by the Ducks. Guess who is dead last?

On Wednesday, released two recruiting stories: the Top 101 Football List and the Top 101 Hoops List. Now you just have to figure out where the potential Cardinal recruits show up on these lists.

Finally, on Thursday, we published a nostalgic story (penned by Dr. Richard R. Rutter- class of '54) which took us back to the 1963 Big Game - the last time a Stanford football game was postponed.

The Bootleg Top Stories