2018's #1 guard could join Foster Sarell and Walker Little in a string of elite offensive linemen for the Cardinal

“I know they have a good tradition of making offensive linemen great and being able to send them to the pros and do what they do.”

Stanford brought in the two best offensive tackles in the 2017 class in Foster Sarell and Walker Little. The Cardinal have already set their sights on the top guard in 2018. 

Five-star Atlanta guard Jamaree Salyer, who got to know Sarell and Little at The Opening this past July, was recently offered by the Cardinal just before the 2017 recruiting cycle closed. 


“Obviously, Stanford is one of those prestigious schools even without football, so that means a lot to me right there by itself," Salyer said. "I know that if I was able to get a degree from Stanford, I would be pretty much set for life, especially in business because that's what I want to study. They signed some good offensive tackles this year, and I'm just looking forward to see how they perform this year.”


“I know they have a good tradition of making offensive linemen great and being able to send them to the pros and do what they do.”

It will be a busy spring and summer for the 6-foot-4, 327-pound Salyer, and while things are not official, he wants to visit campuses including Notre Dame, Ohio State, Stanford, Florida State, Florida, Texas, LSU and Michigan. He currently doesn’t have any frontrunners in the group, but he sees himself narrowing that list down to five to eight teams this spring. 

For now, the guard is focusing on sharpening his skills before his senior year.

“Definitely getting more flexible,” Salyer said. “I think that’s something that is going to be big at the next level. A lot of defensive linemen nowadays are playing low to the ground, so just being flexible and being explosive off the ball I think is one thing I really need to work on to make myself into a college offense of lineman.”

Salyer’s list of priorities for finding a new home includes the school’s business school credentials, the overall progress and trajectory of the program and the coaching staff’s resume for developing talent.

“I know that's forward-thinking but if you want that to be your profession, you want to look at how good they are at doing their job.”

Salyer has a year before making his college decision, and he is driven to use that time to become the best football player he can.

“Just knowing what the future holes your future is only there and just being able to attain all the future has to offer,” Salyer said. “I am blessed to be where I am right now and I'm working until I can get to where I could be. Just being able to know the future is bright and I have to work for it.”

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