Connor Wedington's coach sees some glimpses of former all-time greats in the newly-signed Cardinal.

Whether it's running, receiving, returning (or snowboarding), Wedington can do it all according to his coach.

Sumner (Wash.) athlete Connor Wedington always had his eye on Stanford. Even when he was a Washington commit, things changed when he was admitted into Stanford.

“I think we've learned about the type of student athletes Stanford recruits and the kids that get in are very similar,” Sumner head football coach Keith Ross said. “They are all incredible athletes, they all have the GPAs and the academics to get into Stanford, they all seem to have a levelheaded, high-character, high-integrity. Connor fits that mold and it was impressive to meet with the coaches and see the type of kids they recruit and the more we saw and listened, it seemed like a good fit for Connor.”

Wedington felt Stanford was the perfect fit, and he could fit perfectly into Stanford’s system. While the Cardinal have recruited the four-star athlete for a role similar to Christian McCaffrey’s, he played safety, cornerback, running back, wide receiver, kick returner and punt returner for the 11-1 Spartans.

“Playing a bunch of positions will help him on the offensive side,” Ross said. “He knows what they are doing, he knows leverage, he just has a good well-rounded game.”

Well-rounded indeed. 

Wedington had 24 total touchdowns his senior year: 19 rushing, three receiving and a kick return and punt return for a score. Having a diverse skill set makes his coach see glimpses of hall of fame quality backs mixed into his running back.

“He is smooth like Marcus Allen. He's got that upright running style when he breaks away,” Ross said. “He looks like Eric Dickerson when he is in the hole, he reminds me of Barry Sanders with his vision. He's got that patented foot in the ground a slide-step and full speed within two steps. He is just dynamic in the open field with the ball.”

Something else that Wedington has is poise. His coach saw that through the recruiting process when big program after big program presented offers and new opportunities.

“I think he's a pretty grounded kid,” Ross said. “I think Stanford was always there as his beacon. What's better than Stanford? I don't think he heard anything that could give him what Stanford could give him.”

The Cardinal aren't just getting a ballplayer but a leader as well.

"I'm most proud of the way he could lead our team. He's high-character, he's humble, he was elected captain both junior and senior year," Ross said. "He's such a role model for these young kids, with just the way he approaches football and school and the way he acts around campus. I'm really more proud of the man he is then the talent he is. As a coach, it's refreshing to have a guy like Connor with that much talent be the most popular kid on the team and one of the hardest workers and one of the most humble. He's a great all-around kid."

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