9/20 Practice Report

Some quick notes from the 9/20 afternoon practice - the good, the bad and the ugly!

I was able to take in about an hour of today's practice. Here are some observations:

  • It seemed that Casey Moore was involved in a lot of plays today (including catching a shovel pass from Fasani, turning up-field and gaining 20-25 yards). Look for #33 to get a lot of touches on Saturday.
  • Simba "The Lion King" Hodari had two nice breakups, including knocking down a pass intended for Darin Naatjes in the end-zone.
  • Mark "MT Son" Anderson had a brace on his right knee and was on crutches.
  • Matt Leonard turned an ankle at one point but seemed OK later.
  • With some quick hands, Louis Hobson disrupted a nice-looking screen play that would have been a big-gainer.
  • Gary Cobb and Jason White each had sweet picks. Cobb's was off a poorly thrown ball by Eklund. White's INT bounced off another defender before #43 grabbed it.
  • Biggest surprise of the day: I did not see Teyo make an impact play in almost an hour of watching. First time in a long time. But, #5 is sure getting a lot of snaps.
  • Biggest reaction from the sideline was when Justin McCullum caught a 35-40 yard TD while surrounded by 4 defenders. The pass had INT written all over it!
  • In game situations, I saw Biselli make a 30-yarder but also missed from 40.
  • Punting update: It's not pretty. At one point, in the distance, I saw Eric Johnson slam his helmet down into the ground in disgust. Later, in a game situation, I saw two poor punts. Then, when TW wanted the team to practice punt returning, the dreaded punt machine was used in place of our own punter. I wish I could find some positives in this area of weakness.

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