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Stanford Basketball Loses 8th Straight to Colorado

Stanford put up a decent first half, then no-showed their way to a blowout defeat to Colorado on Thursday night.

Stanford headed into the locker room down 41-35 against a Colorado team currently slotted to be their opponent in the Pac-12 Tournament, and quite simply never returned. An avalanche of Buffalo back cuts and transition baskets took all the fire and effort out of the Cardinal, who fell back into their best Washington Generals impersonation for the entire second half and fell conclusively to the Buffaloes 91-72.

Reid Travis had a quiet first half with only five points and five rebounds, and then suffered from a freeze-out for the deciding stretch of the game. Humphrey had a strong first half but then up jumped his own personal devil.  He committed an unnecessary foul which compromised his ability to aggressively defend, and that contributed to a Buffalo lay-up on the next possession.  By the time he was tabbed with a questionable illegal screen foul, the party was over for both him and the Cardinal.

Travis had a better second half and ended with 14 points on 6-11 shooting. Marcus Allen led the Cardinal with 15 points on 6-16 shooting. The Rockies were not friendly to Dorian Pickens, who shot 0-5 from the field and ended up with a solitary point on the night.

Coach Haase stayed with Stanford’s “inability to guard” as a the major takeaway from the game tonight, and it’s hard to argue otherwise. This was as easy as Stanford’s made it look to score for an opponent in quite some time. For whatever reason, the fight, the communication, and the poise were simply not there in Boulder.

The Cardinal moves on to Salt Lake City, another city of doom for them in recent years. Hopefully this one gets flushed sooner rather than later, because for the first time in weeks, there were no victories, moral or otherwise, for Stanford tonight.  

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