Stanford Football Coach David Shaw Talks First Week of Spring Practice

Ignore the Byline: Albert Thomas was the man on the spot for The Bootleg, delivering both the footage of Coach Shaw and the notes below.

#1 OL: Hall, Herbig, Burkett, Fanaika, Bright

#2 OL: Hamilton, Wilson, Chaffin, Yarbrough, Tucker


#1 D

DL: Cotton, Phillips, Jackson

LB: Toohill, Alfieri, Barton/Tyler, Perez/Palma (in with Squid during short yardage/goalline)

DB: Meeks, Reid, Edwards, Murphy (Reid #1 Nickel, Simmons in at S)


#2 D

DL: Swann, Mike Williams, Schaffer, Peek

LB: Robinson, Kalambayi, Perez/Palma, Branch/Okereke

DB: Antoine, Pryts (couple of plays)/Simmons (most), Franklin (went down on last play of scrimmage, seemed pretty innocuous),  Buncom (Antoine slid inside for #2 nickel and Eboh came in to play outside)


-       Schultz non-contact. Participated in some drills but nothing live. Helped with coaching up Kaden Smith on some drills

-       Speights seemed to be the short yardage back and was probably the best RB overall in live play. Scarlett the starter

-       Burns more comfortable than Costello. Costello had a couple of picks vs. zone coverage (1 in drills, 1 in live. Tipped pick that Shaw refers to came in live practice). Both had some decent throws on out routes

-       Burns wearing gloves on both hands. Forgot to ask about it

-       Top WRs were Irwin, JJ, Stewart and Tyler

-       TEs were much more involved in the short/intermediate passing game. Lots of Smith flexing out wide

-       Kicking portion seemed to be between Toner and Beall. Toner’s job to lose. Both a little inconsistent, but Beall doesn’t seem to have the leg.

-       Had a scuffle between Tucker and Phillips (we think, couldn’t tell for sure. Definitely Tucker though) during a drill. Guys from O & D came running in. Shaw shut down practice for about a 5 minute talk to everyone who was involved in that drill (everyone except DBs and WRs).

-       Love, Holder, Chryst, Treyjohn Butler, Segina and Harry Schwartz didn’t dress. 1st 4 just watching. Other 2 rehabbing

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