Hudson Henry continues th

Arkansas, Stanford and Ole Miss have all offered the tight end, with many more to come.

Football is in Hudson Henry’s blood. The 2019 tight end from Arkansas has had plenty of family play for the Razorbacks from his grandfather, father and two older brothers.

He watched his two older brothers, former Arkansas and current San Diego Chargers tight end Hunter Henry go through the recruiting process, as well as Hayden, who is currently at Arkansas. Even at the age of six, Hudson’s father would run tackling drills with the three Henry boys.

“I feel like I'm one step ahead of everyone when I step on the field because I grew up with that family mindset, everyone is real tough,” Hudson said. “Being able to look on the field and not be afraid of anything and go full head-on into anything and everything.”

Now, Hudson is getting attention from some of the top programs in the country with offers from the hometown Razorbacks, Stanford and Ole Miss. While Henry has strong family ties to the Razorbacks, he is ready to take on his own recruitment.

“I want to go up (to Arkansas) for myself and go up to Stanford for myself,” Henry said. “I've heard a lot from Hunter but everyone has their own experiences and I want to experience this myself.”

What sets him apart from other tight ends? With football being a “major component” in his life since he was young, he has had an edge since he was a child.

“I was instilled at a very early age by my father to be mentally tough and never give up no matter what and be the toughest guy that you can on the field,” Henry said. “I'm more physical. I feel like tight ends today could be more like wide receivers and not really like to block. I think I'm a big blocker, I'm more physical and get down and dirty. I can catch...not just catch the easy balls but I can catch the pop flies too.”

Henry feels his three offers are from schools that utilize the tight end frequently and he can fit into those systems.

 “Stanford is the “Tight End U” if you want to call it that,” Henry said. “The big names that are in football like Zach Ertz and Austin Hooper all went there. It's really been impactful to me just to get a scholarship there.”

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