Josh Childress Interview

An important young man in the exciting freshman class for Stanford men's basketball is 6'7" wing Josh Childress. The McDonald's All-American comes to the Farm with huge expectations, and he talks about that in this exclusive Bootleg interview. Plenty on his recruitment, style of play, perceptions of Stanford, perceptions of and more.

The Bootleg: How have the terrorist attacks and subsequent events of September 11 affected you?
J-Chill: I think that the events were very tragic. I personally wasn't affected by them, but I feel for the victims and their families.

The Bootleg: What do you think the United States should do from here, both abroad and domestically?
J-Chill: I really don't support the proposal of using more violence to solve the issue. I can understand them doing it, but I think that it would only lead to more attacks being planned against the U.S.

The Bootleg: How do you think these events will uniquely affect your freshman class at Stanford, which is about to descend upon the Farm?
J-Chill: I think that everyone will have a different outlook on life.

The Bootleg: Do you have any aims on what you want to study at Stanford, including a major?
J-Chill: At the moment, I am pretty much undecided. I really don't know what I want to study yet.

The Bootleg: How has the coaching staff talked to you about what course load you should carry in the autumn and winter quarters this year?
J-Chill: Not really. I'm sure that they will discuss that when I get up there.

The Bootleg: What contact have you had with Chris Hernandez and Rob Little to this point, and how have you guys envisioned and discussed Stanford basketball during your coming years?
J-Chill: Well, I have talked to both Chris and Rob. They both are very excited about the chance to play at Stanford. We all just want to be able to come in and contribute.

The Bootleg: How do you feel you can and will individually impact this team and program, both this year and in subsequent years?
J-Chill: I really just want to come in and contribute. Hopefully, before I graduate we can win a national title.

The Bootleg: How have you trained or prepared yourself in these last few months for Stanford's level of basketball?
J-Chill: I have been training pretty hard. Especially on the weights. I feel myself getting stronger. I have also been training with Cedric Bozeman. Working on my shooting and one-on-one moves.

The Bootleg: Are you preparing yourself to play the shooting guard or the small/wing forward position at Stanford?  Have you talked with the staff about where you might be most needed?
J-Chill: From what I've gathered, I will be playing at the three. I don't think there is much of a difference in the positions. The three just hits the glass a little more.

The Bootleg: Can you talk more about your training with Ced?  Take us through a one-on-one game between you two - who has what edges, when?
J-Chill: It's normally pretty even. Ced is a very good player and a good defender. We normally each win the same amount of games. There are times when one gets the best of the other. But before we play we go through loads of shooting drills and moves off the dribble.

The Bootleg: Much was made last year about you and Jamal and Ced going as a "package" to maybe one school or another.  How tight are you guys, and how did your individual selections of schools get affected in that way?  Specifically, what did those guys says to you about your choice to go to Stanford?  Any ribbing there? (grin)
J-Chill: We are very tight. Jamal, Ced, Edwin Draughan, and Lewie Helton are my best friends. I think that we all (Jamal, Ced, and I) just wanted to do what was best for us. Originally we wanted to go to the same school, but we all realized that we all needed different types of programs. They were supportive of my decision.

The Bootleg: Is there one rival you are most looking forward to playing in the Pac-10 this season?
J-Chill: I can't wait to play kal. (Note: Josh was the one to specify the "k" in "kal") Jamal has talked so much trash the past couple of weeks. I think I will be the most fired up for that game. UCLA as well.

The Bootleg: In watching Pac-10 basketball last season, you probably were able to see several talented guards and wings around the conference.  How will you stack up against them this year defensively?  What are your greatest defensive assets, as well as areas of developments, you will bring to bear right away?
J-Chill: I think that my greatest defensive asset is my shot blocking. I think I need to work on my lateral quickness, so that I can keep up with smaller guards.

The Bootleg: You have been quoted as saying you chose Stanford for basketball reasons.  How did you ultimately decide that Stanford's basketball program was better for you than those like Kansas, Arizona and UCLA?  And what message would you send to recruits in the high school senior and junior classes today who are trying to make the same decisions?
J-Chill: Well in choosing I made a list of pros and cons for each school. I think that Stanford was a better fit for me. I feel that I have the opportunity to come in and play right away. I think that the juniors and seniors should just make the best decision for them. Don't let someone else make your decision for you because ultimately, you'll be the one at the school for 4 years.

The Bootleg: You talk about "4 years," though so many of the talented NCAA players are leaving earlier for the NBA.  What are your thoughts on that trend, and do you have any notions today on whether you would absolutely play 4 years at Stanford or not?
J-Chill: Well, this is a touchy subject. I definitely think that if a player is ready to go, then he should. But there are a lot of guys who aren't ready for the NBA. Physically or mentally.

The Bootleg: We heard during your recruitment that your family had several ideas of where they would like you to go - from both brothers and parents.  How did that play into your decision?
J-Chill: It played a major role. We all sat down and went over each school. In the end it was my decision though. They left it up to me. They just tried to lay out all my options for me and let me make my own decision.

The Bootleg: At what point during your recruitment did you begin to feel like Stanford might be the right choice for you?
J-Chill: Mainly when I went on my official visit. I had the chance to meet the players, and the coaching staff. I realized that it was a good fit for me.

The Bootleg: How did your official visit go, and how did that affect your decision?  Anything particularly memorable during that visit that left a lasting impression on you?

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