Week in Review

Here is a summary (and brief description) of all the stories that we published last week. It was a busy week, to say the least! Week in Review

(Week ending 9/23/01)


A busy publishing week started with Gail Tate's emotional recap of our 1970 home contest with U$C - a game marred by a bomb scare. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Chad and Hulk released the initial version of their Stanford Football Recruiting 2002 Table. This is rich with information and will be updated on a weekly basis. Many Cardinalmaniacs™ consider this the most valuable information on

Home Sweet Home? was written by terry and provides a statistical analysis of how valuable Stanford's home field advantage has been in the last 40 years. Some interesting findings that you can share with your friends and co-workers!

ME-97's story on 9/19 announced our first hoops verbal recruit for next year. The story provided excellent background information on Dan Grunfeld and how he chose Stanford over Wisconsin.

On Thursday, Mark DeVaughn continued his outstanding opponent preview work with his Solar Satan Preview.

Lars stopped by practice and filed a much-needed 9/20 Practice Report. Casey Moore was getting lots of "touches" and our punting was still looking suspect. Posts of the Week was also released on Thursday. Outstanding posts by redhot, Genuine Realist, BD and Hulk were recognized.

Tree Boy gave us ASU Kibbles & Bits on Friday. Did you know that prior to Saturday, Stanford was 6-1 when both Randy Fasani and Chris Lewis take snaps in the same game? Now, that stat is up to 7-1!

On Saturday night, YCF did a thorough recap of the Cardinal's 51-28 torching of ASU.

On Sunday, the new and updated BootPool standings were released. No less than six Booties picked 9 of 11 games correctly against the spread!

Finally, Top 25 College Football Poll was released. Stanford was not well respected and we have let our feelings be known to the pollsters.

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