Gail Tate urges all true Cardinalmaniacs™ to show their American spirit by road-tripping to LA this weekend.

If the fireworks in the offense keeps up, the rockets' red glare of the A.D. Marketing Department will be redundant.

Not that we didn't appreciate the A.D.'s attempt to liven things up during halftimes past, you understand. But thunderous pyrotechnics seemed somehow inappropriate last week.  It didn't matter.  The Roman candles and the starbursts we witnessed between the white lines on the Bermuda grass Saturday night made it Fourth of July on the 22nd of September.  What a show.  We're addicted. We want more. We want it this week.

We're gonna need an encore Saturday afternoon at the L.A. Corral.  Getting one, at least one reminiscent of last week's show against ASU, poses a challenge. But if this team has any pretense to booking passage to a New Year's Day bowl, the route runs right along Vermont Street and into the House that Davis (Al, not Anthony) Rebuilt.

We like our chances.  Even if these same Trojenz gave UofO fits (and those candy-apple green, Duck helmets look worse every year – where do they go to get touch-up paint for those things, anyway, Area 408?).

Indeed, U$C almost pulled off a rare victory-by-a-visitor in Eugene last week.  First thing we said to ourselves, in the wake of the Duck's last-moment victory was something along the lines of  "Not good. Trojenz are unlikely to lose two consecutive conference games. Why the hell couldn't they win it and spend all this week admiring their press clippings and suggestive emails from The Trojan Women?"

But, upon further reflection, we just turned it around.  Like, "They'll still be hung-over from the emotions of the Eugene trip and spend all week thinking about the coulda-woulda-shoulda aspects of last week -- then get smoked again this Saturday by a primed and poised Stanford offense.  Plus, no Trojan Women to take the edge off.

This is what's known as positive thinking.

And thinking positively, in these times, is the order of the day.  Like the 39-thousand-and change-announced crowd that showed up last week, cooler-less and shorn of backpacks, we marveled at the Cardinal's uninhibited exhibition. I saw more yardage in one night than gets sold by a full-figured ladies' boutique in a month.  Stanford's shown more offense in back-to-back games than Tom Holmoe's seen since he left the 49ers.

Translation: this is getting interesting.

Show patriotism in its highest and best form, Cardinalmaniacs™: buy a seat to this week's game, get on a damn airplane, hoot and howl for the Cardinal and spend money in L.A.

United we stand, American we fly.  Or Southwest, or whomever.  Above all, perforate the Trojenz and enable negative consequences to their collective wellness.

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