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More regular than your favorite fall sitcom... more dependable than a Notre Dame football meltdown... more intriguing than even an Arizona basketball CandyGate scandal. Here is your methadone-laced Davis Nwankwo fix of the week. Last week was a frenetic period in the macro-evolution of the prized power forward's recruitment, but now things have settled down...

Last week we reported on the self-proclaimed "drama" that was playing out in the home of one Davis Nwankwo.  The nationally prized recruit, rated #58 in the country by Dave Telep and Tracy Pierson at TheInsidersHoops, has been struggling between a longtime favorite (Stanford) and a newly acquired fancy (Arizona).  Though this soap opera feels like it has been playing out for a month, it was incredibly just 10 days ago that the Maryland man returned from Tucson and professed his love for the Wildcats.

But as you remember from my writings a week ago, Nwankwo was not easily permitted by his parents to make the commitment to Lute Olsen he so desired.  Actually, that's putting it gently.  In a juicy twist of irony, the same two parents whom the son had fought so hard last spring to Stanford's side were now putting their collective foot down and preventing him from making a rash decision.  His plan had previously been to wait out the Stanford admissions process, which most importantly includes his upcoming retake of the SAT (October 11) before he jumps to any college decision.

"It's still between Stanford and Arizona," the younger Nwankwo says now.  "Arizona is still pushing hard, and with Stanford we're working on the admissions thing.  I love both schools.  This is going to be a tough decision."

At face, this might appear to be a classic example found with slight variations in households across America.  Rebellious son wants something, while the wise and prudent parents caution to wait and consider another path less traveled.  Davis Nwankwo appears to be simply biding his time in response to the demonstrative urging of his parents... but that comes as a gambit rather than a true change of heart.  Is that about right?

"Yeah, you could say that I'm mostly waiting just because my parents say so," he answers.

Does that in turn mean that an Arizona commitment is still a certainly, with only the timeframe delayed?  "Oh, I wouldn't say that," Nwankwo cautions.  "Arizona is where my heart is right now, but I could go any way.  All I know for sure is that I will definitely have my commitment by the early signing period in November."

"My parents are just trying to get me to wait a little.  They want me to make sure I have all my options in front of me, and only then make the right decision," he elaborates.

As the temporal window for this commitment has been widened, other schools who have been pursuing Nwankwo for his services must be elated.  While Stanford and Arizona have been fighting things out the last two weeks, this delay gives the remainder of his top five schools to make their play.  The one who appears to have the first strong shot will be Virginia, where the 6'9" forward will take an official visit this weekend.  The trip will be the fourth in an official capacity for Nwankwo, though at this time he does not foresee the Cavaliers making a great entrée into his ultimate decision matrix.

"They actually just came by for a visit at my school," the recruit notes on Virginia.  "The head coach and an assistant coach were there, where they met my parents.  They are a great school.  It's close to home.  The coaches are great.  But I see myself on the West Coast.  I just think being out there away from home will be a great growing experience for me."

That all being said, don't be surprised if Virginia opens Nwankwo's eyes this weekend.  He has frankly been floored by each of his three previous official trips, and that track record suggests that he is a person who is susceptible to the charms and attention lavished upon someone like himself on these visit weekends.

Georgia Tech is pushing for the fifth and final official visit, but the Georgetown Prep senior at this time only says that such a trip "might happen."  The weekend of October 4 would appear to be wide open, but Nwankwo's parents are adamant about keeping that time free for their son to concentrate on SAT preparation.  "I'm just continuing to take practice tests all the time," he describes.  "I'm working on getting more questions done in the time allowed."

Nwankwo is also now scheduled for the ACT offered October 25, as well.

Arizona is scheduled to come to Georgetown Prep for another off-site visit with the recruit, and the parents are expected to meet as well.  Nwankwo says that there is no new scheduled in-home or in-school visit from the Stanford coaches at this time. 

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