Football Recruiting Notes

No sooner did Chad and Hulk get up their weekly recruiting table than I heard updates from the parents of two key recruits. In the interest of getting that information to Booties as soon as possible, here are the updates...

Brandon Hancock was indeed at the game this past Saturday against Arizona State, and had a pretty good visit. Arriving in the afternoon, he had a jam-packed agenda meeting with players, coaches, other recruits, and of course - Stanford professors. The Stanford staff was well abreast of Brandon's very fine performance on Friday night, as Buzz Preston was there to see him. They were sure to comment on the game, and to ask him how school is going in this his senior year. Even in the waning hours and minutes of preparation for Stanford's conference opener, The Sheriff was there to talk with Brandon face-to-face about a range of topics. Brandon and his father Bill were able to go on the field before the game (including taking in the LSJUMB's "preparation"), and enjoyed excellent seats surrounded by an equally excellent group of Stanford fans during the game.

Afterward, Brandon took off with JR Lemon and several other players to partake in the post-game team experience. Thus far, when Brandon has interacted with Stanford football, he has talked with coaches or players in an official team setting. This allowed Brandon to get to know the guys outside of that context, and to get some honest one-on-one with them. By all accounts, a good time was had, and Brandon got some additional input toward his decision.

As I had reported previously, Brandon came up for the ASU game as part of his evaluation process, and now needs to catch a game at USC to match. That game will be this coming weekend, which happens to bring Stanford to town. There has been speculation, on the BootBoard and elsewhere, that the outcome of this game could go a long way toward Brandon's decision. Bill Hancock was very careful to say that this is not at all the case, and those who think as much don't understand Brandon at all. Given how careful and thorough Brandon has been thus far in his decision process, this is in line with what I expect.

The interesting twist is that Brandon may be looking to make another Stanford home game this fall, as permitted by school and Clovis West games. Could be UCLA or even Big Game. That tells us that the timeframe on B The Hulk's decision could come as late as November or December.

In response to the latest Bootleg recruiting table, David Beall's mother sent in a note to help get the most accurate information out to Stanford fans. Stanford has been and still is his leader, but David is putting his senior season in high school first, with recruiting coming as a second priority. Thus, while he feels good about Stanford, there are reasons to believe that a decision may be down the road. Furthermore, his options are still opening up. For instance, he just last week received an offer from UCLA (which is good news for those Booties who enthusiastically subscribe to the "offer theory" of recruit rankings).

One item to clear up is the quote we have seen that has said "Stanford has always been my dream school." Apparently that is a misquote, of sorts. While David is very high on Stanford today, they weren't really on the radar prior to this year, when he began to hear from them. So "always" isn't quite appropriate. Other notes to add:

  • His 40 is a 5.2, and that was run just after recovering from a sprained MCL
  • His shuttle is a 4.7
  • His Mountain View (Vancouver, WA) team is 1-1 on the season, with a third game that was cancelled due to proximity to the Canadian border amidst the events of September 11. Injuries throughout the team and scant depth have compelled David and others to log a lot of minutes both ways, which is getting him some added work on the DL. In addition to his excellence on offense, he recorded a sack and two forced fumbles in the opening game. A "near perfect game" on defense, in his coach's words.
  • Would you be surprised to know that at 6'6" David is playing nose tackle on defense?
  • On offense, his pass blocking is his strength, and Mrs. Beall feels he could have a future at either guard or tackle.

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