Week in Review

Anyone notice that published a school-record 18 stories last week? Here is a brief description of each of them (with links). Week in Review

(Week ending 9/30/01)


Our publishing week began last Monday with ME-97's Report Card-inal from the ASU victory. As expected, high marks were earned across the board although the defensive secondary needs to provide better deep coverage, especially when protecting a lead.

Gail Tate's Showtime! article got us all emotionally charged for the U$C game as she urged everyone to road-trip to the Southland for this key matchup.

ME-97 also authored a lengthy interview with Josh Childress, our incoming hoops phenom recruit. This interview provides some insight into how Josh ended up on The Farm and how he sees his role on the basketball squad.

On Tuesday, Tree Boy's BootPowerRatings was released. In the "Shocker of the Week" category, the BootComputer is still high on the Cardinal and down on the Evil Empire in the East Bay.

Chad and Hulk released their updated Stanford Football Recruiting Table. This should be a mandatory bookmark for any true Cardinalmaniac™.

Terry looked at all the records that some of our football heroes are currently chasing. Randy Fasani, Brian Allen, Kerry Carter, Mike Biselli, Ryan Wells and Luke Powell are all gunning for various Stanford season and career marks.

Mark DeVaughn provided another in-depth preview with his Yesterday U. Revisited story. His final score prediction was not too far off, by the way!

We went deep into The Bootleg's archives and re-published U$C Song Girl Research, a story that initially appeared in our 10/15/94 issue. Boy we had some tough assignments back then!

More updates on the recruiting front was provided by ME-97 on Thursday. He even got some inside scoop from one of our recruits' mother!

A Little Trojan History is another re-published story from a 1994 issue. And yes, thank you very much, we were a little "out there" back then! Posts of the Week this time featured strong posts from Gerald McGowin, irishguru, ME-97 and Emeritus.

The Road Warrior is a behind-the-scenes look at road game-day preparations for Stanford football players. Ex-player Guru provides the insight.

Emeritus provided another look back at a classic Stanford football game from years past with his 1979 U$C Pigskin Flashback.

On Friday, Tree Boy kept at it with another Kibbles & Bits piece. Did you know that Stanford was #1 in the Pac-10 in rushing offense and U$C was #10?

On Saturday night, YCF provided the recap of Stanford's 21-16 victory.

On Sunday, the updated BootPool standings were released. Our own Chad tied for first this past week while Tree Boy is tied for first in the cumulative standings.

Also on Sunday, Top 25 College Football Poll was released. After feeling severe pressure from the entire Bootleg staff, the pollsters finally moved Stanford into the Top 25.

Finally, ME-97 published his Report Card-inal from the victory over Troy. Only the "Special Teams" squad received a poor grade.

Yes, that's 18 articles from in the past week. We need the bye-week as much as our undefeated team!

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