Post-UCLA Quotes

For all of our insight and high-brow analysis we can offer, few things bring more light to the Stanford Football program than quotes straight from the players and coaches. For the straight skinny on this 21-14 UCLA victory, including the gameplan and emotional validation of the game, read on. Quotes from Buddy Teevens, Tom Williams, Luke Powell, Michael Craven and more...

Head coach Buddy Teevens on this as a must-win game:

"You guys [in the media] are the ones to say it's a must-win." (big grin)

Teevens on the improved red zone efficiency:

"Sure worked better out there today, eh? We went back to school on that this week."

Teevens on the no-huddle offense and the speed of the game:

"It's not a matter of the clock. We do a lot of checking at the line and put a lot of responsibility on our quarterbacks."

Offensive line coach Steve Morton, on the performance of his linemen:

"I thought they played well. They are improving, just like we have seen the last few games. They were facing a veteran group of guys on that [UCLA] defensive line. The one play that jumped out was a 3rd and long when UCLA put a rusher wide outside the tight end and we didn't handle him, but I'm proud of these guys.

Fifth-year senior Chris Lewis on the no-huddle offense:

"It's designed to control the tempo, but we still get the plays from the sideline. They give us a formation and protection; you have to call a route from there."

Lewis on how the team turned things around for the win:

"[Coach Teevens] said enough with the talk - we're going to show what we can do. We are going to play our heart out, and that's what we did. For the first time guys really trusted the game plan. They did what the coaches were telling them to do, and just played with so much heart. I guess we see what happens when we trust in everything... We stopped the talk and walked the walk."

Lewis on the meaning of the UCLA win:

"I feel like someone just took a huge weight off our chest and threw it away. We showed everyone we can win, and we're a wining football team."

Redshirt sophomore linebacker Michael Craven on the personal sweetness of the win:

"I hate UCLA. I mean I love 'em and I hate 'em. There are a lot of California guys on this team who know people at UCLA. This was a have-to-win game and there was a lot of high emotion. We have to do this every week."

Craven on his personal progress with the mental game:

"The second half I started to see the game slow down. In the first half, when they went 95 yards, I wasn't there yet. I don't think any of us were into it mentally yet."

Linebacker coach and co-defensive coordinator Tom Williams on the defensive plan:

"Our whole thought going into the game was stopping the run game. We wanted to use an eight-man front and get in the box. They were using max protect, and the men we had covering those players then released into blitzing."

Williams on the success of the DL pass rush:

"The front four just played great. They created a lot of pressure. It was more a matter of individual efforts than anything else. We didn't do anything special for them. They did a lot of things without a blitz - just a four-man rush."

Redshirt junior defensive tackle Amon Gordon on the success of the DL:

"We just spread out and had the end guys penetrate and wreak havoc. We sent the ends and the Will and Sam backers. It's just a whole lot of pressure from the outside, and trust everything in the middle to do our job... It basically allows us to be free and active - use our athleticism and get to the ball."

Redshirt freshman Trevor Hooper on his interception return:

"As soon as I had it in my hands, I tucked it away and then it was back to my old running back days."

Hooper on the defensive changes after the 95-yard UCLA drive:

"We didn't make any adjustments. We just needed to go out and stop 'em. Enough is enough."

Hooper on the importance of the win:

"It feels great because we know we have the players of the caliber to beat anyone in the Pac-10. This was about showing that to everyone outside the program."

Hooper on Teevens' message in the post-game locker room:

"He had told us before the game to be warriors. After the game he said he was proud of us - we were warriors today."

Fifth-year senior wide receiver Luke Powell on his punt return TD:

"When I was running, it was just a flash of red I saw go by me. Then I saw the punter and that was it."

Powell on the satisfaction of the punt return:

"It feels good. It gives me more confidence and it puts the confidence of my team back into me. I'm a player who has a lot of confidence in my abilities, but it helps when you make plays... The past few games I haven't caught many balls or scored any touchdowns. Then my punt returns were going nowhere. It was frustrating. The coaches kept telling me it would come. Stay within the game plan. At times I had been trying to do too much out there."

Powell on the offense's improvement today:

"We went back and looked at the film. The offensive line was holding up better than we were thinking at the time. The O-line, you can't put it all on them. We were making mistakes in our execution."

Powell on the offensive gameplan:

"We knew that UCLA runs a lot of cover two, and there were a couple of formations we had where Chris [Lewis] had the chance to check to a draw or zone. If they were in a cover three, we would take advantage of the numbers on the other side. It's just a numbers game."

Powell on the change in playcalling:

"I'm not sure if the playcalling was better. I think we executed better. We made our plays."

Powell on the spread formations:

"We knew if we went to three or four wide, they would go to their cover two, which means one less man in the box. That opens up lanes for our offensive line and Kenny [Tolon]."

Powell on the enjoyable win:

"We were sick of losing. We just wanted to go out and play our game. If we do that, we can beat anybody."

Powell on what the win means to public perception:

"We hear everybody making criticism of the program and coaches. We see all the mistakes that we are making in games. It's unfair what people say about coaches. I guess that's why they get the big bucks - to take the heat instead of us. But it's unfair. I hope this will put the negativity to rest... Maybe we won't get hammered in the local and school papers this week."

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