Justin Faust Interview

Interview with Stanford's incoming football recruit Justin Faust

Justin Faust Interview – 4/24/99

Note: The following interview transcript is a paraphrased recount of our discussion with Justin. Due to technical difficulties we were unable to successfully tape the interview; what we present here was reconstructed from shorthand notes taken at the time. We apologize to Justin and to the readers of The Bootleg. The interview was furthermore cut short, due to interference from a nameless meddling individual.

The Bootleg: Do you have a favorite movie, Justin?

JF: Coming to America. It's older, but it's a pretty funny movie.

The Bootleg: If we still played ironman football, which position would you want to play on the other side of the ball?

JF: What position would I like to play? I'd love to play MLB because I like hitting people, but with my size I'd probably play S or CB. With the people on this team at S, I'd probably be a corner.

The Bootleg: Favorite music group/album?

JF: Since I'm from the South, I like Southern rap. No particular group, but I like a lot of the groups off No Limit Records.

The Bootleg: Had you not come to Stanford, where would you have gone?

JF: Duke, North Carolina or Georgia Tech.

The Bootleg: What really sold you on Stanford?

JF: The players and coaches that I met really felt like a family. Tank Williams was my host, and he's a really great guy.

The Bootleg: If you had to choose one NFL player who you most resemble in playing style, attitude and performance, who would you say?

JF: I grew up admiring Eric Dickerson, and even wore his number and the goggles. Today, I try to be a Marcus Allen or Marshall Faulk type back.

The Bootleg: Who is your favorite ex-Stanford football player?

JF: Anthony Bookman. He's also from Texas and a great runner.

The Bootleg: What would you say is your greatest strength as a player that you bring to this team right now?

JF: I'm not saying I'm the best back, but I believe I'm a complete back. In addition to running, I try hard to be a good receiving back.

The Bootleg: What aspect(s) of your game do you feel you need to work on the most?

JF: Speed. I used to run a 4.4 40, but am probably at a 4.5 right now. I know I will get that back.

The Bootleg: And how much do you weigh right now, Justin?

JF: I'm at 194 pounds.

The Bootleg: Most hated Pac-10 football rival?

JF: I don't know yet, but I can already feel the rivalry with kal.

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