Week in Review

Things were relatively quiet during the bye week but there were still several noteworthy stories published by Here is a complete review! Week in Review

(Week ending 10/7/01)


In a bye-week, our publishing schedule slowed down a bit although there was still plenty of material for Cardinalmaniacs™ to digest.

On Monday, sd made his publishing debut for 2001 with Once Upon a Time in Area 408 - a look back at campus life at San Jose State in the mid 60's. In light of steady demise of the Spartan program, sd recalls a headier, sudsier, happier time.

On Tuesday, Tree Boy's updated BootPowerRatings were released. UCLA is gaining on Stanford while the hapless Bears bring up the rear.

Chad and Hulk updated their Stanford Football Recruiting Table, a very thorough database of all high school seniors that are in Stanford's recruiting mix for next year.

The Bye Week: Rust or Respite? was written by terry and analyzed how recent Stanford teams have fared in games following a bye week.

ME-97 provided us with Inside Stanford Basketball: The Team Family. This is an excellent in-depth look at the team spirit and common bond that all hoops members seem to share. Posts of the Week recognized the following Booties for exemplary posts: TLV, FrankO, Teejers, redhot and Ducklord.

The updated BootPool standings were released on Sunday. Michale C. Thometz won the week with a remarkable 11 of 12 picks against the spread. ME-97 Hottie and carylj share the cumulative lead after four weeks of the pool.

Finally, The Insiders released their new Top 25 College Football Poll. Florida took over the top spot while three Pac-10 teams have moved into the top 10. Even Wazzu makes a rare appearance this week.

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