Will Svitek Interview

We had a chance to chat with each of the recruits in attendance at Spring Game. Now we bring you Will "Thrill" Svitek as our first interview of this outstanding Class of 2000 recruit crew coming to the Farm. Will is just an oustanding individual, and this transcript gives you only a hint...

The Bootleg: What is your weight, your forty, etc. currently?
Will Svitek: 247, though I'm just recovering from the stomach flu; 4.58 forty; bench 305; vertical 31; 20 shuttle 4.31

The Bootleg: Do you plan to continue as a decathlete at Stanford? (Idaho Spud)
Will Svitek: No, but I will track and field. I'll probably be a thrower in college - shot, discuss, and javelin.

The Bootleg: Did Vince Lanana take part in your recruiting? (Idaho Spud)
Will Svitek: No, but Weir did (throwing coach). He did help recruit.

The Bootleg: Would continuing in the decathlon affect your choice of a football position? There aren't too many 250 pound pole vaulters that I can remember. (Idaho Spud)
Will Svitek: I don't know of any.

The Bootleg: Did the Rose Bowl influence your decision to attend Stanford or had you pretty much made up your mind by then? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: I committed before the Rose Bowl. I was leaning to Stanford before but the Rose Bowl didn't hurt.

The Bootleg: How did Stanford compare with other schools in recruiting you? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: Stanford recruited well. Ohio St. & ASU recruited me very hard (number of letters, calls). Ohio St. did the most negative recruiting. Ohio St. called all the time and became a nuisance. Stanford sent the least amount of letters and made the least amount of calls…but when they did, they counted.

The Bootleg: Did your high school coach have any influence on your decision to attend Stanford or not attend Stanford? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: My coach did not influence me toward or against any school.

The Bootleg: What exactly does Stanford do during the official visit? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: The visit was sweet! I came in late… early Saturday morning. I committed before I came, but made the trip to help with other recruits. I loved the faculty lunch. WOW! I gave them my major interest and then they set you up with a guy in that field. I'm talking with this guy and we were having brunch. Then he tells me off-handed that he was a Nobel prize winner. That sealed the deal. Walking around Stanford just has a different feeling than other school. Stanford players are also different. They're smart and great athletes. My host was Willie Howard. He knows everybody!

The Bootleg: Did the coaches give you a choice in what positions you might play? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: They say it's my choice. They plan on giving me both playbooks. They might say they need me at one position and that's fine with me. I'd like to start at TE. I think I'm better at it. The coaches know a lot more than I, though.

The Bootleg: Did the Stanford coaches make any special promises to you? For example, you will play during your freshman year? Did coaches from other schools make any promises? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: At Stanford, not really; the best player plays. Other schools (Ohio St., ASU, AZ) said I will play my freshman year.

The Bootleg: How many schools attempted to recruit you? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: Sixty schools or more. Every Pac-10 and Big 10 school. The hardest recruiters were Ohio St. & ASU, followed by Arizona & U$C.

The Bootleg: We have had extraordinary success in recruiting tight ends. Can you explain this? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: I don't know…maybe because of the history.

The Bootleg: Did some schools attempt to high pressure you into a decision? If so, what schools? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: Ohio St! ASU also.

The Bootleg: What schools did a bad job of recruiting you? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: None really. Some schools I just blew off. Those that did recruit me did a pretty good job.

The Bootleg: Did you communicate with other Stanford recruits before committing? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: Yes on my trip I was working on recruiting other recruits. I've become good friends with Kwame.

The Bootleg: When did Stanford first contact you? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: First letter was in the spring of my sophomore year. I started getting regular letters the beginning of my junior year.

The Bootleg: How many other schools contacted you before Stanford? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: They got to me early, but just different from other schools. Washington was the first. They (Stanford) were in the first 10.

The Bootleg: There is a trend in recruiting towards early commits. What do you think of this? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: I think it's great. If I had to do it over again, I'd commit earlier. Of course with Stanford it will take longer.

The Bootleg: Did you attend any football camps? If so, which ones? If you went to camp at Stanford and at other schools, how did the Stanford camp compare? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: I did not attend any of those, but I did attend a Nike camp at U$C.

The Bootleg: Do you plan to attend Stanford during this summer? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: I will head up around July 25th.

The Bootleg: Have any of your friends been recruited by another Pac-10 school, Notre Dame, or a school we will be competing against in the near future. If so, how do you feel about this? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: Our QB will be going to Oregon. I think it will be fun to play against friends of mine. I know someone on every team in the Pac-10 except Oregon St.

The Bootleg: Do you plan to compete in any other sports at Stanford? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: Track only. I loved to play Basketball but …not enough time.

The Bootleg: What do you feel your biggest athletic challenge will be at Stanford? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: Just getting used to the play. I'll be going against Willie Howard. Everyone there will be a superstar.

The Bootleg: Do you feel like you could contribute this fall? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: I think I could but there are so many great players ahead of me I think it might be in my best interest to redshirt. It's up to the coaches.

The Bootleg: Stanford students in general do not treat football players as they would at many football factories. How do you feel about this? (Extra Point)
Will Svitek: I think it's cool. I don't want students to look down on me just because I got into school just because of football. Everyone at Stanford is special at something.

The Bootleg: What did others say about Stanford? (mutoo)
Will Svitek: A lot of schools would say that Stanford does not throw to the tight end. You will never exceed at football because you will be too busy studying. The funny one was: the girls at Stanford are all pale, don't shave their legs, and they study all the time.

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