The Insiders Top 25 College Football Poll (10/14)

The new rankings are out, and the Cardinal have managed to stay in the top 25 despite Saturday's loss. The Cougs rightfully made a big move, while UCLA and Oregon continue to climb higher in the top ten. Check out the full rankings, as voted by The Bootleg and fellow Insiders publishers.

SEATTLE - Florida's stay at No. 1 was short-lived, as the Gators were upset by Auburn 23-20 and rival Miami reclaimed the top of Top 25 College Football poll with a 49-27 victory over another rival in the Sunshine triumvirate, Florida State.

The 5-0 Hurricanes' grip on No. 1 isn't tight, however. Oklahoma (5-0) is just two points behind in the poll. Nebraska (6-0) and surging UCLA (5-0) are right behind.

Saturday's upsets, including Arkansas' victory over last week's No. 10 South Carolina, prompted considerable upheaval in's Top 10. For the first time this season, the top 10 welcomed two teams with losses - Michigan (5-1) and Texas (5-1).

Auburn (5-1), Toledo (5-0) and Northwestern (4-1) joined's Top 25, while Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, Kansas State and Ohio State were dropped from the rankings. is an online sports network featuring the top college team, recruiting, NFL and high school sites on the Web. The Top 25 College Poll includes ballots from publishers reflecting the regions and conferences represented in college team network.

The Oct. 14, 2001 poll:

1 Miami (8)2692
2 Oklahoma (3)2673
3 Nebraska2514
4 UCLA2376
5Virginia Tech2295
6 Oregon2237
7 Florida1981
8 Texas19411
9 Michigan18312
10 Fresno State1528
11 Tennessee14114
12 Maryland13920
13 Brigham Young11416
14 Colorado11221
15 Washington State11124
16 Washington1109
17 Clemson10417
18 South Carolina10010
19 Georgia6924
20 Auburn62 
21 Toledo54 
22 Florida State5313
23 Stanford3018
24 Purdue2718
25 Northwestern26 
*First place votes in parenthesis.

Other teams receiving votes:
Georgia Tech 25, Texas A&M 21, Illinois 13, Michigan State 12, Mississippi 12, Kansas State 11, North Carolina 8, Syracuse 7, Oregon State 4, LSU 3, Boston College 2, USC 2.

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