10/13 (Sunday) Hoops Practice Notes

Stanford basketball is back once again, and practices officially tipped off on Saturday. stan4hoops dropped by Maples on Sunday to get an early look at the boys, and has thoughts on the freshmen, Kyle, Julius and the big men.

Sunday's practice looked a lot like Saturday's practice. Came away impressed with Monty's Basketball 101 class, the Green Machine, Kyle and Julius. I also came away wondering how the lack of big men is going to affect practice reps now, and the team down the road.

Monty once again stresses defense, footwork and being constantly "on balance". He spent a lot of time stopping drills and coaching Chris, Rob and Josh. I couldn't help but think that Monty has immediate plans for these guys and they have to learn fast.

The Green Team of Josh, Rob, Chris and Tyler play well as a unit. Green, but already seem to have a bond or a basketball understanding of each other. You'd think they met in Clovis every weekend over the summer or something. With Monty's strong belief in triangle offense, the trio of Rob, Chris and Josh could bring great things to Stanford Basketball. They just need to remember that every drill, every practice and every game counts.

Kyle was a leader on the court. He was vocal, was talking / teaching the new guys and running drills to perfection. He looked very comfortable. Kyle, Justin and Julius look bigger. Julius was on today. His shots were on the mark and his movement was crisp. It looks like both Kyle and Julius know their time has come, and it's time to contribute big time.

My only concern is not having 6 big men or 15 guys to practice. In our 5 on 0 drills the big men are getting lots of reps. But there are always 3 guys out. It basically means that the rest of the guys are getting less reps. In Monty's precision offense and with a young team, is this going to affect the way we play? With Justin's and CB's foot / ankle history, is added reps in practice going to hurt them? On the other hand; Joe and Rob will adjust quicker. Nick at times was playing the 4, by the way.

All in all, a good practice. This year will be fun. If healthy, this will be a great team by tournament time.

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