Week in Review

Bootleg stories from the last week covered not just football and basketball but even baseball as fall diamond practice got underway. Here is the list of all the articles and descriptions thereof. Week in Review

(Week ending 10/14/01)


JJ made a strong come-back as a Bootleg writer with his Opening Day of Baseball Fall Practice. He likes the looks of our new freshmen pitchers and also predicts a big season for Sam Fuld.

Tree Boy produces his weekly BootPowerRatings, where we found Stanford still at the top - probably not for long one suspects.

Once again, Chad and Hulk released an updated version of their Stanford Football Recruiting 2002 table. Check out the latest in our ongoing recruiting battles.

In The Next Great Thing - A Closer Look, terry gave us a very thorough statistical analysis of Washington State's season to-date, showing that some of their gaudy numbers may have been racked up against inferior opponents.

In Just Call Him Lazarus, Mark DeVaughn takes a close look at WSU and the test that this team would provide for the Cardinal.

On Friday, Tree Boy once again put together a Kibbles & Bits piece. Did you know that Stanford is averaging 23.2 yards per punt return while our opponents have only averaged 9.5 yards?

Also on Friday, the Posts of the Week were released. Outstanding posts by Genuine Realist, Boston Card, 51 Dave and CardFan were recognized.

Someone had to do it - write the game recap from our first loss of the season, that is. ME-97 was forced into action and filed this report from the WSU game.

ME-97 also gave us the updated BootPool standings. RMOTKING won the week (picking 9 of 11 games against the spread) and continues to lead in the cumulative standings.

The Insiders new Top 25 Football Poll was released. Miami took over at #1 and Stanford stayed in the top 25 (at #23). WSU moved all the way up to #15!

Finally, stan4hoops gave us the first basketball practice report of the year. He especially liked the Green Machine, Julius and Kyle.

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