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Four undefeated teams collided this past weekend in the conference, which left an inevitable shake-up in the BPRs. Worse than the loss of Stanford's undefeated record, the Card lost their stranglehold atop the BPRs. To see where Stanford and the rest of the Pac stand, read on. Yet another inspiring and entertaining look at the conference.

Pac-10 BootPowerRatings

As of 10/16/01

Below are our exclusive BootPowerRatings™ of the Pac-10 conference. Each week during the football season, we will release our secret-formula rating of all teams of the Pac-10. The BootPowerRating™ (BPR) is calculated by utilizing a range of factors rumored to include: past results, statistics, common-opponent comparative results factor, strength-of-schedule, home-stadium environment, cheerleader attitude and an unrevealed school spirit multiplier. The resulting rating score falls within a 1-100 scale, where 100 approximates a Rose Bowl-bound team and a score of 1 is somewhere south of D-1.

One number summarizes the Bruins win over UW: 305. 305, as in the number of yards racked up by "Hands" Foster, averaging a first down every time he touched the football. As if that isn't scary enough, the Bruin defense hasn't allowed an opponent to score more than 17 points all season. Kal will have a hard time gaining 17 yards this weekend in the Rose Bowl. This game is causing problems in Vegas, as computer betting systems aren't designed to accommodate triple-digit spreads. [Bruin Report Online]
2. Washington St.
Hungry for some national attention, the Cougs got that and more when they defeated the Cardinal. Keeping his team fresh by rotating players like expired milk, Mike Price has his team bowl eligible in mid-October, and ready to take on the conference elites. That quest will have to wait a week as Wazzu has to avoid a letdown vs. Montana State on Saturday. []
3. Oregon
What do Utah St., Arizona and kal all have in common? They all helped to inflate the Mallards' self-worth. In those three games, Oregon has taken the ball out of Hype's hands and focused on their waddling attack. Perhaps Belotti doesn't want to show anything to future, tougher opponents. More likely he wasn't happy with Joey's inconsistency. The exhibition season is over and it is time for some real challenges. First up is an aggravated Stanford team looking to silence the over-confident quacker backers. [eDuck Sports]
4. Stanford
Outlasted by the Cougars on a blistering hot afternoon, the Card once again failed to put up a crooked number in the 4th quarter, and this time it cost them a win. Keeping with the 4 theme, 4th downs are also plaguing this squad, as the punting unit finds itself behind yellow caution tape. The Sheriff will work hard to reverse both of those trends this weekend in Eugene. A crucial game for the Card, as a major bowl is still within reach. [The]
5. Washington
Foster: Australian for wrecking ball. If the Huskies didn't know that before, they sure do now. You have to go back to 1978 before you see this kind of rushing performance vs. the Dawgs, and even then Charles White only managed a paltry 243. But hey, at least Rich Alexis held his own with a negative 7-yard day. The combination of injuries and a juggernaut Bruin squad was enough to saddle Slick Rick with his worst loss as head dog, but he will get a chance to lick his wounds this weekend against the jugger-not Wildcats. []
6. USC
It looks like that new offense Norm Chow installed is finally starting to payoff. The 48 points marked the highest total since they dropped 62 on conference whipping boy Hawaii 2 years ago. At 2-4 and looking ahead to games with the bottom 3 teams in the conference, the Condoms still hold out hopes for a 12th game. Their next opponent, Notre Shame, is in a similar situation after picking up consecutive wins. Malibu Ken Davie plays host to the Toejams in this NBC ratings bonanza. []
7. Arizona St.
In case he was wondering, Dirk Koetter found out that SC still has life in them. Sloppy play (5 fumbles, 3 INT) doomed the Devils as they fell to the Women of Troy 48-17. The Solar Satans got a good push against SC (who hasn't?) but noticeably missing was the passing game, as Krohn and Co. only amassed 155 yards. Bowl hopes hinge on a home game with those pesky Beavers this weekend. []
8. Oregon St.
On the surface, it would appear that the second half surge against Wazzu was carried over into the Arizona game. But, beneath the surface, where those flat tails paddle mightily, the reality is that the River Rodents took advantage of the conference's soft underbelly. Kenny finally had his breakout game as he rolled past the century mark against a depleted Mildcat defense, but the real story is that the "D" is back in the Beaver Dam. Sure it is. Better tell the villagers to run now as Jeff Krohn will launch an aerial assault at the Buck-Tooth's bridge this weekend in Tempe. [Beaver Sports Central]
9. Arizona
Moral victory for the pussycats as they held an opponent under 40 points, and on the road no less. You want a challenge? Without cheating, name 3 players on the unit they call a defense in Tucson. Johnny Mac managed to spit out 2 names, and then copped out with, "Well, we have had a lot of injuries lately." That offense has been equally inept, and they bottomed out against the Beavs by crafting a game plan that netted them a whopping 159 yards. The worst may be yet to come however, as they travel up to Husky Stadium this weekend. []
10. California
Down 42-0 late in the 4th, kal went on a furious 5 play, 31-yard drive to complete the greatest comeback in the Holmoe Era. I mean, who else but Tommy could instill such courage and desire into a defeated Bear squad? Impressive. Rumor has it that Rutgers runs a very advanced East Coast Offense that includes such innovative plays as the forward pass and off-tackle run. Not good news for weenie fans who were sure they would see a "W" at least once this year. Certainly that win will not be this weekend when they make the trip down to a real bears cave in Westwood. [CyberBears]

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