The Insiders Top 25 College Football Poll (10/21)

One of the fruits of Stanford's Saturday labor is a boost in the rankings. A win at Autzen impressed the publisher voters enough to boost the Cardinal to #17 in the country this week. The loss knocked the Ducks out of the top ten, leaving UCLA as the lone Pac-10 resident. Read on for the full rankings.

SEATTLE - Though the very top of Top 25 College Football Poll remained intact, the Top 10 continued to see upheaval. Out this week were upset victims Oregon and Fresno State. Crashing the national championship party were Tennessee and Maryland.

The Ducks (6-1) nose-dived out of the terrific 10 after collapsing 49-42 to Stanford (4-1), which rose to No. 17. Meanwhile, Fresno State (6-1) continued its weekly dose of surprises, albeit in a negative fashion, by losing to Boise State 35-30 on Friday.

Tennessee (4-1) rose to No. 9 after a 35-24 victory over Alabama, setting up an SEC showdown next week with No. 15 South Carolina. After jumping to the top of the ACC with a 59-17 victory over Duke, Maryland (7-0) was elevated to No. 10.

Illinois (6-1), Texas A&M (6-1) and Georgia Tech (5-2) rejoined the Top 25, while Northwestern, Toledo and previously 17th-ranked Clemson dropped out of the poll. is an online sports network featuring the top college team, recruiting, NFL and high school sites on the Web. The Top 25 College Poll includes ballots from publishers reflecting the regions and conferences represented in college team network.

The Oct. 21, 2001 Poll:

1 Miami (7)2221
2 Oklahoma (2)2182
3 Nebraska2023
4 UCLA1804
5 Virginia Tech1895
6 Texas1728
7 Florida1677
8 Michigan1579
9 Tennessee14711
10 Maryland14312
11 Washington St.12715
12 Oregon1256
13 Brigham Young10813
14 Washington10616
15 South Carolina8718
16 Georgia7619
17 Stanford7523
18 Auburn7320
19 Florida State6122
20 Fresno State5310
21 Purdue5024
22 Illinois32 
23 Colorado2614
24 Texas A&M24 
25 Georgia Tech23 
*First place votes in parenthesis.

Other teams receiving votes:
North Carolina 17, LSU 14, Mississippi 10, Syracuse 7, Boston College 4, Louisville 4, Iowa State 2, Iowa 2, Utah 2.

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