Week in Review

A great week of publishing was capped by the Cardinal's rousing victory in Eugene on Saturday. Check out what what (if any) you missed in the last 7 days! Week in Review

(Week ending 10/21/01)


The publishing week started with ME-97's Report Card-inal from the WSU game. Several units received their lowest grades of the year as you might expect in this disappointing loss.

ME-97 also brought us a Hoops Practice Report from Saturday's practice. Among many items, ME-97 was very impressed by Rob Little's summer conditioning program as he looks to be in much better shape than in previous reports.

Gail Tate's Bye Weeks Suck summed up her feelings about Fall weekends without Stanford football and our team's apparent troubles coming off of bye weeks.

Tree Boy's BootPowerRatings has a new #1 as UCLA displaced Stanford at the top. Our beloved Cardinal was all the way down to #4 but surely not for long....

On Tuesday, Chad and The Hulk released an update to their 2002 Stanford Football Recruiting Table.

Wednesday brought us back to baseball as JJ filed a report on Tuesday's intra-squad game. The frosh hitters continue to impress.

Duck for Cover was Mark DeVaughn's preview of Saturday's clash at Autzen. His 38-35 predicted score was not too far off!

On Thursday, ME-97 snuck out of work, went to practice and filed this Football practice report. His report included updates on injuries and the team's final full session before heading up to Eugene.

This week's Posts of the Week recognized the contributions of JJ, cmp, irishguru and Hulk01. These quality posts keep the envy of all other team sites. [Note: irishguru was not far off with his 49-31 final score prediction!]

What an amazing game at Autzen! YCF filed a game report of this watershed victory over the Ducks in his Deficit, Zebras Can't Subdue Stanford. An instant classic!

In a true display of Cardinalmania™, CJ attended hoops practice on the Saturday of the Oregon game. He was very encouraged by the play of Casey, Curtis and Justin.

Also on Sunday, the new Top 25 College Football Poll was released. Stanford rose to #17 but, dubiously, is still ranked behind the Ducks.

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