2004 Basketball BootPool Standings

It's the end of the BootPool season and we can now crown the Hoops BootPool winner... Congratulations to nothinbuttnett for having the top score in this field. The margins were close as 2nd place TGost was only behind by one and 3rd place bl87 was just behind by two. Props also to Mike, our publisher, for finishing in 4th. And, congratulations to Steve D. for winning this week with a straight-up 12 of 16 and no Iron Boot. Thanks for playing, it's been fun and GO CARDINAL! SIX MORE WINS!

As of March 14, 2004

Week 10 Standings

FINAL Cumulative Standings

* Note: Total = sum of correct picks minus the lowest weekly score


Week 10 Correct Picks:

Stanford, Oregon, UW, Arizona, Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, Stanford, UW, Stanford, UConn, Cincy, Utah, Maryland, Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, Kentucky

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