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As the excitement built for the UCLA game at the end of last week, I completely forgot to release the Posts of the Week. Here they are and the winners are Long Winded, Jeff83 and Hulk01.®
Posts of the Week

Each week, we will highlight a few entertaining and/or informative posts from the previous week. Please keep in mind that it is hard to keep track/prioritize all posts so we would welcome input from all Booties. You can make a "Bootie Selection" post as a response to any post that you deem worthy or you can email a link (to the nominated post) to me at

Below are the posts that made this week's list:

Poster: Long Winded
Subject: He Wears A White Hat

Date: 10/21/01

the Nike guy, that is( I keep forgetting his name, Knight?...). Anyway, he walks into Autzen on the sideline about 45 minutes before kickoff. Interestingly, he gets a nice round of applause from the UO students. There's also some TV/Radio types hovering around him with a microphone. I doubt Stanford's equivalent--Mr. John A.--would get such conspicuous acclaim. Later, I run into him on my way up to one of the luxury boxes for a halftime meeting with a friend. Seemed kinda short in person...

For those of you who haven't been to Eugene--and I hadn't--UO looks great in the Fall, with the leaves turning gold and red. A real collegiate feel. Kinda reminded me of the Midwest or New England. The stadium itself is away from the main campus in a more barren setting. From the outside, it's ugly, surrounded in a wall of earth. Stanford has it all over UO for the atmosphere outside the stadium, with tailgating ambiance and the like. Basically, you tailgate in the parking lot at UO, although a lot do it in style.

Inside, UO kills us. Their vision/replay board is the best I've seen. And they show ALL of the replays, even the controversial ones. I like the way they introduce the team onto the field, with a barrage of replays from great Duck football moments. The crowd-pleaser is Wheaton taking that interception the distance against UW a few years back. Then, the Ducks take the field, and we all got to wave our free pom poms. At least my young son did. Anyway, I don't think the noise is as bad as Husky Stadium. There's no shaking. I don't think it's intimidating. But it's enough to disrupt. The seats are all superb. If you gave me a choice of endzone at Autzen versus my 40 yd line at Stanford, I'm in Eugene. Thought the Oregon fans treated the sparse Stanford turnout very well.

AS for the game, well, I've read about 30 posts. Looks like volume has picked up a little. I would be shocked if I said anything new, so here's a short summary, by my standards:

1. Most exciting win in an important game since USC in '99, maybe the most exciting win since the '90 Big Game, and maybe our most significant win since just about a longtime...imo.

2. Fasani was the best I'd ever seen him prior to the injury. I winced every time he tucked it under, of course, but he was brilliant. Add Harrington to the mix, and the 1st Qtr was the best QBing I've ever seen in college...But Teejers and many others here saw this injury coming. Whether it was Diedrick or RF himself, this was predictable...And not smart/prudent, imo.

3. Didn't like Tank at LB and Jason White at FS. Don't know why we did that. Worried about the preview for next season. Glad we got Tank back where he can help out a secondary that needs a play-maker. FWIW, I thought Tank's interception was the key play in the game. Allen had just fumbled. We're down by 14. If UO scores there, it's over. Great close by Tank, although Harrington threw a little behind the TE. Still think Tank would have made the pick. BTW, Tank's later blitz was bigtime. He did something other Stanford blitzers fail to do: Shed a blocker. Generally, Stanford is still looking for a pass rush, although Coy Wire created a little confusion late by delaying his blitz until the blockers had committed. Coy is fast enough to still get close...

4. I liked the way Chris Lewis didn't get down on himself after a poor start. I thought he threw well in the 4th qtr. He also showed a willingness to throw to Teyo even when #5 was covered. Again, WRs were struggling to get open much of the game. I think Diedrick is adjusting to that reality by increased use of RBs and TEs as receivers. Powell and Teyo are the men, though, and I have yet to see Teyo resist from taking a pose over the fallen DB whenever the opportunity is there. He's big time...Question: Who backs up CL against UCLA?

5. I think Freeman played 1-2 series. I don't think Leonard's absence hurt the run defense as much as the fact UO went option frequently. We didn't look ready for it, although Hodari was there in position on the Maurice TD. Simba is reminding me a little of Focht in that he often gets in the right position but can't "finish." I assume that's the difference between an athlete like Tank and some of our other safeties.

6. Loved the O-Line, especially the middle. We ran almost everything behind Quaccia, Heitmann, and Weinacht (who looked to play more than Schindler). Quite frankly, I think Carter did not maximize the push that the blockers gave him. Lots of carries, few yards, nothing longer than 7. He looked to be running very straight up again, giving tacklers a lot of target space, losing momentum frequently after first contact, getting stood up a lot. I assume others have noted that last TD was scored by the O-Line. Kerry did have one lower run though that showed his potential: The 4th-and-one dive. I wish he would torpedo like that more frequently.

7. The Oregon papers are being most critical of the decision to pass on third-and-one late, wherein Tank made the great blitz.

8. Heard Shuler on a post-game radio show up there. Very happy. Noted our obvious resilience ("took their knockout punch early") but also moaned about losing Fasani. He spoke in the past tense about Randy, it seemed to me, just as I've heard a few others do about Matt Leonard. All we can do is hope they get another shot...

9. UCLA will be tough. I think Fasani gave us a chance. He was the MVP of this team, imo. I don't know about CL in this situation. He still gets hit several times each game during his rather elongated release, twice that I can recall Saturday. There WILL be hits against The Bruins. BUT, he has poise, he has decent feet, and he has touch. Is that enough? I don't know. But the UO game reminded me that nothing is certain, that winning even one game is enjoyable. In fact, being away from a computer and reverting to the old days of being a Stanford football fan, enjoying it in the moment, unencumbered by dialogue or a bigger picture, has its virtues...

Poster: Jeff83
Subject: polls, computers, BCS (long)

Date: 10/21/01

I see lots of well justified railing against the polls, but I'd like to point out the same thing I said during basketball season.

The ESPN/USA Today coaches poll is a JOKE in both sports. The AP Poll is the poll of record. It has been around forever, all the newspapers not owned by Gannet use it, the voters are sportswriters who see FAR more games than the coaches. Last but not least, the voters are given a day to digest the scores. The problem is EVERYBODY watches ESPN and uses and USA Today is a national paper. When their poll was for entertainment only I didn't care, but now that it contributes to deciding what schools get the Big Bowl $ payoff it really pisses me off.

Mel Kiper made a great point about the polls. Why the hell does the voting have to be in only hours after the last game was played ? The polls now have influence over millions of dollars yet they are not taken seriously by the people voting for them.

BCS - what's REALLY annoying is that the ESPN poll actually ties with the AP poll as the single biggest factor in determining the BCS standings, which is not readily apparent from simply looking at the formula.

Polls + Computer + Schedule + Losses = Total

That LOOKS like the polls are 1/4 of the figure, making each one worth 1/8, but that is NOT the case. Look at the range of figures for last year's categories:
Polls: 1 - 16
Computer: 1.29 - 14.43
Schedule: .04 - 3.80
Losses: 0 - 3
Total: 3.30 - 33.17

Schedule strength and # of losses are almost insignificant by themselves. Granted they usually are part of the computer rankings, but the point is the final BCS standings align almost perfectly with the polls - the computer and the schedules mean squat. Difference in poll average to final BCS from last year:
1 Oklahoma 0
2 Florida St. -1
3 Miami, Fla 1
4 Washington 0
5 Va. Tech -0.5
6 Oregon St. 0.5
7 Florida 0
8 Nebraska -0.5
9 Kansas St. -1
10 Oregon 0.5
11 Notre Dame 1
12 Texas 0
13 Ga. Tech -3
14 TCU -0.5
15 Clemson 0.5

When only one team varies by more than 1 place why even bother with all the stuff that supposedly eliminates bias in determining the bowl payouts ?

this year's rants:
how can OK be ranked behind Miami ? the defending national champs have beaten UNC, K State and Texas, the only close game was K State but that was a VERY deceiving final score. Miami has played a joke schedule with FSU the only decent win.

Nebraska has crushed a bunch of patsies, VA Tech's schedule is simply ridiculous. UConn, W Michigan and Central Florida ? How can anyone reward them with a ranking ahead of UCLA ?

UCLA will be #1 in most computer polls for good reason. The OSU win is losing it's luster, but Ohio St, Wash and @ Bama are still nice. If they run the table and don't end up in Pasadena we should call Fox Mulder.

How can WSU be ranked BEHIND Oregon and Washington ? Any clue ? Washington has pulled out 3 point wins vs the WORST 3 teams in the conference, opened by pulling off a miracle win vs Michigan even though they were dominated (did not score an offensive TD,77 yd blocked FG return and INT return), and got killed by UCLA. Oregon has zero- 0 - wins vs top 30 teams, losses to use and we are 9 spots BEHIND them ?

If we get spanked by UCLA, which is possible given our health, the emotions of yesterday and of course the way UCLA is playing, we could finish 9-2 and end up out of the top 20. Our computer ranking would be top 10 and we'd be a conversation topic when the bowls are announced and we're playing for $800k million instead of $4 million.

Poster: Hulk01
Subject: A Guide to The Bootleg

Date: 10/21/01

A Bruin poster below seemed perplexed by the widespread view on this board the Cardinal was doomed this weekend. As a service to that poster and others new to this board, it's worthy knowing that this board sometimes seems written by Sartre, or that the Bootleg's guiding spirits are Jackie Vernon and Steven Wright, that any moment a debate about the half-fullness or emptiness of the glass will be interrupted by someone pleading, "What difference does it make, the DAMN glass is CRACKED and leaking!"

So here's a useful summary of posts here, as a general guide:

1. We're in real trouble this weekend. (Someone posts this on every Monday of football season. It's actually happened preceding a Saturday on which we had a bye.
2. The sunny side is too hot.
3. The shady side is too cold. And quiet.
4. I know their record looks worse than ours, but they could kill.
5. I know their record looks better than ours; we're toast.
6. Our QB looks down his receivers too much. (Yes, I know, every board says that.)
7. The band back in our day was funnier.
8. Post-loss: we got beat.
9. Post-win: we got lucky.
10. Our opponent's coming off a big win, they have momentum.
11. Our opponent's coming off a big loss, they're fightin mad.
12. Our opponent's coming off a bye, they're well-rested.
13. We're coming off a bye, our timing will be off.
14. Opponent's home field advantage: At least 8.
15. Our home field advantage: 1 if temperature's below 69. -3 if it's over 80.
16. There hasn't been a Great Dollie since Cathleen Caballero.
17. OU (our Admissions Office) is going to kill us again this year.
18. Why can't LW be more optimistic?
19. Which Hulk is Hulk, it's too confusing.
20. Wasn't the old board a lot faster?
21. How come we have to pay now?
22. Where are the #$% practice reports???
23. It's impossible to win in Autzen.
24. Okay, but it is really and truly impossible to win in Seattle.

Welcome to our board, and I hope this guide is helpful to you as you navigate it.

The Hulk.
(As opposed to Oxford Hulk and Hulk of Clovis (aka Younger Hulk)

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