Week in Review

Another busy publishing week for - see what stories (if any) you missed. Week in Review

(Week ending 10/28/01)


It's mid-season and is hitting its full publishing stride.

The week began with a practice report from 10/19, filed by Stan4Hoops. Practice was at the Ford Center and, surprise, Casey was shooting from deep.

Almost every unit of the team received high marks in ME-97's Report Card-inal from the upset of Oregon in Eugene.

Gail Tate's I've Given Up Giving Up chronicled a Cardinalmaniac's emotional ebbs and flows of the victory over the Ducks.

Tree Boy's BootPowerRatings were released on Tuesday. Stanford was moving up - can't wait to see this week's ratings....

Chad and Hulk released the weekly update to their 2002 Stanford Football Recruiting Table. On the QB front, Ben Olsen is no longer a viable candidate, making Los Gatos' Trent Edwards our clear target.

On Wednesday, we went back to the old Bootleg Archives and re-published Pigskin Falshback: 1979 Stanford-UCLA Game, a story originally published in a 1995 issue of The Bootleg.

JJ brought us another Baseball Practice Report, this one from 10/23. Freshman catcher Andrew Cleary made an early statement by crushing two home runs.

On Thursday, Mark DeVaughn's UCLA preview was released. He predicted a Cardinal victory, but not in the fashion that we ultimately witnessed. Posts of the Week highlighted excellent contributions from Long Winded, Jeff83 and Hulk01.

ME-97 snuck out to practice and filed a Practice Report from 10/25. His report noted that Ryan Eklund would be the #2 QB for the UCLA game.

Fianlly, Chad threw us a bone by releasing his first Dollie Interview. Meet Dollie #5 - Emma James!

ME-97 filed a report from the rousing 38-28 victory over UCLA - Giant Killers or Giants?

On Sunday, the updated 2001 Football BootPool Standings were released. Muiron picked 10 of 12 games to win the week and vault into the top spot for the season.

Finally, the new Top 25 College Football Poll was published. Like most polls this week, Stanford was the big mover, climbing to #10 in the standings.

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