Allen Smith In The Home Stretch

By now, we have all learned that Allen Smith gives articulate answers in interviews. He also knows how to control an interview, which makes most team site stories you read about him sound positive for that respective team. Smith took an unofficial visit this weekend to Notre Dame, which brings many questions. Rather than dress this up, here are the raw questions and answers. You decide what to make of it.

Mike Eubanks:  Allen, everybody wants to know.  How was your visit to South Bend?
Allen Smith:  My visit to Notre Dame once again was nothing short of amazing.  Going there on an unnofficial [visit] was even better then my official visit, because I could truly hang out with the guys doing stuff that wasn't structured.  I could get a true sense of Notre Dame.  And I can't lie - I liked it a lot.

ME:  You obviously heard about the report that circulated Sunday about your commitment.  Your mom told me that to the best of her knowledge talking with you, it was untrue.  Did you or did you not commit to Notre Dame this weekend?
AS:  I did not make any verbal commitment while I was at Notre Dame.  I simply just stressed to Coach Willingham how great his program was, as well as the people he has in it, and how I could identify with a lot of his goals and the players' goals.  My official verbal commitment will be given Friday [January 30] at 9:00 on my high school campus.

ME:  Did (former Stanford recruit and ND commit) Darius Walker try to sell you on the Irish?  If so, what kinds of things did you guys compare notes on Stanford versus Notre Dame?
AS:  Yes he did talked to me about coming to Notre Dame with him.  He just stressed that with a good line, he and I could do excellent things at Notre Dame.  With the talent he and I together can bring in, along with the current players, that a national championship is right around the corner.

ME:  What new did you learn about Notre Dame that you did not gather from the official visit?
AS:  Nothing.  I just got more time to get a sense of the players.  They're special people.

ME:  Were you tempted to commit during the visit?
AS:  On any visit you go on you are tempted to commit on the spot, and this weekend was no exception.  Not to mention Coach Willingham is a very influential closer, but I hold pride in my ability to abstain from emotional decisions.  I maintained that standard this weekend as well.

ME:  What can you share about the in-home from Arizona State tonight?
AS:  I love these in-home visits I get from Coach Grimes.  Tonight we did not talk about football or my recruitment.  He showed me the National Letter of Intent, and after that we shared stories and anecdotes.  It made me feel very comfortable going into this week's decision-making.

ME:  Why the decision to let ASU in the home this final week but no other schools/coaches?
AS:  They were my first scholarship offer; they deserve my last attendance.

ME:  So no calls are allowed through to you this week?
AS:  Nope, not after tonight.  Zero.

ME:  Will you call any coaches before the Friday morning announcement?
AS:  When I know, they will know.  If that is Thursday, then I will contact them, but most likely I see an early Friday commitment.

ME:  Are all four schools legitimately in this race? Any who have nudged ahead of the others at this moment in time?
AS:  Yes they [all four] are.  Notre Dame and ASU might have a very slight edge, because those were my two most recent visits, but in my head it's gonna be a toss up come Friday.

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