CJ's Corner: Pop Quiz!

We think this Stanford Basketball season is pretty fun stuff, but just in case the grin has even temporarily left your visage, check this out. Departing from the usual format of discourse and analysis, CJ has made his Corner this week about fun and games. Check out his Cardinal Quiz and test your knowledge of Stanford hoops!

Cardinal Quiz
(answers below)

1. Who led his team to a perfect record his senior season in high school and hit the game winning shot at the buzzer in the state championship game?  (7 points)

2. Which Stanford player's high school team featured two players who are currently freshmen in college and are widely regarded as future NBA lottery picks?  (3 points)  Name the two freshmen.  (2 points each)

3. Which Cardinal player starred in high school track as a 400 meter sprinter and competed in the triple jump?  (5 points)

4. Who verbally committed to kal prior to wising up and choosing Stanford?  (4 points)

5. How many players have at least one parent who lives in Berkeley?  Name the player(s).  (2 points for the 1st; 6 points for any others)

6. Which current Stanford player has the most double-doubles in his college career?  (4 points; bonus 9 points if you know the number, plus/minus one)  Who is second in double-doubles?  (4 points)

7. Which Stanford player has led the team in scoring the most times this year?  (3 points)

8. In how many of its 16 games has the Cardinal been outrebounded by its opponent?  (4 points)

9. In how many of its games has Stanford dished more assists than its opponent?  (4 points)

10. How many times has Mike Montgomery won the Pac-10 coach of the year award?  (5 points)

11. How many times has a Stanford player fouled out of a game this season?  (6 points)

12. During Kris Weems' four years as a Stanford player, in how many NCAA tournament games did Stanford compete?  (8 points, but minus-15 points if you are reading this and thinking his first name is misspelled and should be "Chris")

13. On the golf course, Mike Montgomery is most often found in the (right) or (left) rough?  (3 points; 5 points if you are not guessing)

14. In how many straight years has Stanford appeared in the NCAA tournament?  (6 points)

15. How many of Stanford's current starters are averaging double digits in points scored per game?  (4 points)

16. How many Stanford players rank among the top 10 scorers (ppg) in the Pac-10?  (5 points; 4 bonus points for each who you can give their precise rank)

17. In his 25 seasons as a head coach prior to the current season, how many losing seasons has Mike Montgomery had?  (6 points)

18. What is the exact seating capacity of Maples Pavilion?  (4 points)

19. Name the last team to beat Stanford in a regular season game.  (5 points)

20. Through what season does Mike Montgomery's contract run?  (7 points)

Post-season Predictions

NCAA Tournament

1. Stanford (16-0, 7-0).  If the season ended today, the Card would be the #1 seed in the West.  Unless and until Stanford suffers two losses, there's no need to entertain notions of a #2 seed or placement in a region other than the West.

2. Arizona (13-3, 5-2).  Would be a #3 seed if the season ended today.  The Cats are probably closer to being a #2 than they are to being a #4 and will likely move up to the former number in short order.

NCAA Tournament Bubble

1. UCLA (9-6, 5-3).  The Bruins need to play well over .500 ball the rest of the way to make it into the big dance.  I think Lunardi has this one wrong, and UCLA would be out if the selections were made today.  UCLA's RPI ranking is 43 and it's ranking in Sagarin's Elo Chess is 75.  Such numbers may be sufficient to put UCLA on the bubble, but the complete and utter lack of quality wins is damning.  The closest thing the Bruins have to a quality win is their victory over Michigan State (yawn).  The only remaining opportunities for a quality win are against Stanford and Arizona, and given it's a fairly safe assumption that the Bruins aren't going to win in Tucson, it's in the bag that they will finish the season with no quality road wins.

NIT Possibilities

1. Oregon (9-5, 4-3).  With RPI and Sagarin Elo Chess rankings of 64 and 58 respectively, and without a single quality win on their resume, the Ducks don't quite deserve the label of "bubble team."  A sweep of the Bay Area schools could put Oregon on the bubble, but unless Stanford lets its guard down, the matchups strongly favor the Card on Saturday.

2. kal (8-8, 4-3).  Some in the media would have you believe that the Bears could make the big dance almost automatically by finishing third in the conference, but third place is no guarantee at all.  The Bears will most likely need to get to at least 12 or 13 regular season conference wins (depending on their showing in the Pac-10 tournament) to have a chance at an at-large bid.  Raise your hand if you think kal can go 8-3 or 9-2 the rest of the way.  Okay, you people with your hands up think kal can be a bubble team.

3. USC (8-9, 3-5).  I've criticized Henry Bibby in this column numerous times for such things as his frequent and radical changes in his starting lineup and rotations, his failure to instill in his players a sense of proper shot selection, his unbalanced recruiting, and his (mis)use of Rory O'Neil.  Now, with the recent sweep by Bay Area schools featuring yet another embarrassing tirade by Bibby and a more embarrassing incident involving Errick Craven's kicking Richard Midgely (Note to Errick: many of us would like to kick him, but you can't actually do it, you moron), I think there is a real chance that Hank loses his job sooner rather than later.  I'll go out on a limb and predict that unless SC gets an automatic bid to the big dance by winning the Pac-10 tournament, or makes a deep run in the NIT, Bibby is a goner.

4.  Arizona State (8-8, 2-5).  Ike Diogu has made twice as many free throws (154) as the Pac-10 player with the next highest total (Desmon Farmer). 

No Chance

1. Washington (7-8, 2-5).  Mini-win streak of two games came against OSU and WSU.  Things could get ugly now.
2. Oregon State (8-9, 2-5).  The Beavers have given up a C-note two of their last three games. 
3. Washington State (8-9, 2-5).  The inevitable losing streak has begun...

Cardinal Quiz Answers

1. Nick Robinson.
2. Jason Haas played with Luol Deng (Duke) and Charlie Villanueva (UConn)
3. Tim Morris
4. Justin Davis
5. Two: Justin Davis and Matt Lottich
6. Justin Davis: 16 (Josh Childress: 14)
7. Justin Davis and Matt Lottich: 5 each (Chris Hernandez: 3; Rob Little: 2, Dan Grunfeld: 1; Josh Childress: 1)
8. None
9. 13
10. 3
11. None
12. 12
13. Right
14. 9
15. 5
16. 0
17. One
18. 7,391
19. Arizona
20. 2007-08.

120 points:  Cardinalmaster - You know this program better than Mike Eubanks, and you must golf with Monty
105-119:  Cardinalmonster - You are on top of your game and deserve courtside seats at Maples
95-104:  Cardinalmaniac - Some of that crap was esoteric; you are a legit fan and student of the program.
80-94:  Cardinalmomma - Your heart is in the right place, but you need to get serious if you want to hang around these parts
65-79:  Cardinalmediocre - We don't take too kindly to bandwagon fans 'round these here parts
50-64:  Cardinalmisfit - How can you look your family in the eye after this retched disgrace?
35-49:  Cardinalmortis - We have your IP address and will hunt you down for euthanasia.  Die, scum, die.

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