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When you look around the conference, there are a few coaches you would not trust to give you directions to the freeway, much less select the exalted Pac-10 honors for this 2003-04 season. So we have polled our top basketball minds on <i>The Bootleg</i> staff to come up with our own First Team, Player of the Year, Coach of the Year and Frosh of the Year. A couple results might surprise you...

You learned a week ago who the conference coaches voted for their All Pac-10 honors, but we wanted to poll our Bootleg staff experts for another opinion. While you might expect some bigtime homer hardware to be handed out, the results are tough to argue - regardless of your fan affiliation. Six of us cast our votes for 10 top players deserving of First Team All-Conference status, one coach, one top overall player and one frosh of the year. There was a tie for the 10th spot in the All Pac-10 Team, so 11 are listed. Surprisingly, there was also a tie for the Player on the Year honor...

Tree Boy
Troy Clardy
Mike Etchepare
Mike Eubanks
Chris Jaenike
Jim Rutter

2003-2004 TheBootleg.com All Pac-10 Team

Josh Childress - Jr - forward - 6'8" 205

15.3 ppg (#9), 7.5 rpg (#5), 1.67 bpg (#3)

49.5% FG, 40.3% 3FG (#9), 80.7% FT (#10)


Ike Diogu - So - center - 6'8" 250

22.8 ppg (#1), 8.9 rpg (#2), 1.74 bpg (#2)

53.0% FG (#10), 37.8% 3FG, 81.5% FT (#6)


Chris Hernandez - So* - guard - 6'2" 190

10.1 ppg, 4.56 apg (#8)

45.6% FG, 46.7% 3FG (#1), 91.4% FT (#1)


Luke Jackson - Sr - forward - 6'7" 215

21.1 ppg (#2), 7.3 rpg (#7), 4.59 apg (#6)

48.0% FG, 44.3% 3FG (#3), 87.0% FT (#2)


David Lucas - Jr - forward - 6'7" 230

17.2 ppg (#5), 6.9 rpg (#9)

51.1% FG, 81.6% FT (#5)


Andre Iguodala - So - forward - 6'6" 207

12.7 ppg (#16), 8.6 rpg (#4), 5.03 apg (#2)

44.6% FG, 30.0% 3FG, 79.3% FT

5/6 Votes

Nate Robinson - So - guard - 5'9" 170

12.7 ppg (#16), 2.73 apg, 1.77 spg (#3)

43.9% FG, 35.8% 3FG, 85.1% FT (#3)

5/6 Votes

Salim Stoudamire - Jr - guard - 6'1" 177

16.5 ppg (#6), 2.93 apg

45.4% FG, 42.1% 3FG (#7), 78.4% FT

4/6 Votes

Desmon Farmer - Sr - guard - 6'5" 220

19.4 ppg (#3), 4.6 rpg

38.9% FG, 33.3% 3FG, 76.1% FT

4/6 Votes

Hassan Adams - So - forward - 6'4" 201

17.3 ppg (#4), 7.4 rpg (#6), 1.55 bpg (#4)

53.9% FG (#8), 37.8% 3FG, 74.3% FT

3/6 Votes

Leon Powe - Fr - forward - 6'8" 245

15.1 ppg (#10), 9.5 rpg (#1)

48.8% FG, 61.0% FT

3/6 Votes

Also receiving votes:  Matt Lottich (2), Jeff McMillan (2), T.J. Cummings (1), Channing Frye (1)


"Chris Hernandez - Toughest guy in the league."

"Andre Iguodala - A guy I wish we had. I don’t care if he isn’t one of the top scorers on his own team."

"Nate Robinson - I personally dig this kid even if he is erratic. Forget stats, he makes a huge difference out there."

"Luke Jackson - Hate him and want to shave his head, but the boy can play."

"Desmon Farmer - Intense competitor, shoots too much, but can take over a game - reminds me a tad of Baron Davis."

"Channing Frye - Too soft for my tastes."

"David Lucas - Easy to overlook the entire Oregon State team when thinking about the conference, but he can flat-out light it up."

"Hassan Adams - He's a freak with what he does at all spots on the floor. More than seven boards per game at 6-4???"

2003-2004 TheBootleg.com Pac-10 Co-Players of the Year

Josh Childress

His all-around skills and abilities are recognized as the best in the conference, but the mark against him was his incomplete resumé. With each game he plays, though, you forget about those first nine games he missed. Very rarely does he fail to take over a game when he wants to, and he does it on both ends. Scary thought: his shot is improving.

2/6 Votes

Luke Jackson

Scored 20 or more points 15 times this year, though Oregon lost in his two 30+ point games (39 at OSU, 42 vs UA). Most amazing though is how performs in rebounding and passing. Only real weakness is his defense - he plays none. Also damning is how he fared head-to-head against Josh Childress in their games.

2/6 Votes

Also receiving votes: Ike Diogu (1), Chris Hernandez (1)


"Luke Jackson (barely over Childress, who is clearly better than Jackson now, but hasn't had the same production over the entire course of the Pac-10 schedule).  Diogu ain't getting it from me cuz he can't pass."

"Chris Hernandez. If Oregon had a winning Pac-10 record, I'd go with Luke Jackson (he's certainly got the numbers by far). But 26-1 has to be recognized."

"There are stats, but we see things with our eyes that go beyond the numbers. Jackson has flailed away in some losses such that teammates just stand around and watch. When Childress gets going, the team comes with him. The tete-a-tete matchup at Maples was also telling."

2003-2004 TheBootleg.com Pac-10 Coach of the Year

Mike Montgomery (18th year) - Stanford

Arguably last year was more impressive, doing so much with less/younger talent. But taking a team undefeated through 26 games with long stretches of no Josh Childress or Justin Davis was incredible. Maybe never to be repeated at Stanford. Deserves some credit for the now-famous chemistry that drives this team. Masterful use of defenses this year.



"Tell anybody who picks [Dick] Bennett that they're being too cute."

"Montgomery - Navigating injuries, going 26-1, applying timely zones, keeping his guys focused."

"What [Lorenzo] Romar has done lately is amazing, but it's the 'coach of the year' award, not the 'coach of the last 14 games' award."

"I wish I could split my vote because Romar deserves big props for the turnaround and Monty should get credit for a fabulous season despite injuries."

2003-2004 TheBootleg.com Pac-10 Freshman of the Year

Leon Powe

First freshman in Pac-10 history to lead the conference all season in rebounding. He attacks the ball better than maybe any other in the league, with Diogu a fair debate. He wasn't perfect and he did not quite live up to the nationally elite hype, but he should not be penalized for playing under Ben Braun. Offensively experimented a little this year, and will get even better.



"With the exception of a few off-games, he seems to have been a double-double waiting to happen every night."

"I don't think he lived up to the hype (which might have been impossible), but Leon Powe still had eight double-doubles in Pac-10 play. He gets my vote. Mitch Platt (free-throw shooting aside) deserves honorable mention..."

"Only freshman on the all conference team, so it seems to be the logical choice."

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