Spring Practice - Day 11

If you did not make it to Stanford Stadium on Saturday morning, then you missed what will probably be the longest scrimmage of the spring. I doubt you will see as many plays next Saturday at the Cardinal & White Scrimmage. While the air was cool and a 30-second drizzle dampened the crowd, the running backs were hot and made plays all day long. Read on for all 105 plays, plus some notes and commentary.

Once again, I do not make an attempt to distinguish between the 2nd and 3rd team for either the offense or the defense. Very few positions go three-deep at this point in the spring, with a short roster and several injuries, and some positions have players sharing time on the first team...

2st Team O vs 1st Team D
(Ryan Eklund at quarterback)

1st & 10 @ own 30-yardline: Pass complete to Justin McCullum for two yards (tackle by Leigh Torrence)
2nd & 8 @ 32-yardline: Jason Evans nine-yard run (gang tackled)
1st & 10 @ 41-yardline: Pass incomplete, intended for McCullum (ball sailed)
2nd & 10 @ 41-yardline: Evans four-yard run (tackle by Casey Carroll - Evans carried him last two yards)
3rd & 6 @ 45-yardline: Pass incomplete, intended for McCullum (dragging across middle, hit him on the hip - wasn't looking for it)

1st Team O vs 2nd Team D
(Trent Edwards at quarterback)

1st & 10 @ own 30-yardline: Pass complete to Kenneth Tolon in the flat, catch and run for 17 yards (tackle by Tim Sims)
1st & 10 @ 47-yardline: Tolon five-yard draw up the middle
2nd & 5 @ opp. 48-yardline: Quarterback sack by Michael Okwo for seven-yard loss (blitzed from edge, unblocked)
3rd & 12 @ own 45-yardline: Pass complete to Mark Bradford for 14 yards (tackle by Sims)
1st & 10 @ opp. 41-yardline: Pass complete to Greg Camarillo on a roll-out to right side for 14 yards (tackle by Bryan Bentrott - Camarillo hit him hard and drove him backward)
1st & 10 @ 24-yardline: Edwards one-yard run on a roll-out to left side
2nd & 9 @ 23-yardline: J.R. Lemon 23-yard touchdown run up the middle (broke two tackles; came from I-formation behind Kris Bonifas)
PAT good by Michael Sgroi (Camarillo holding, Jon Cochran snapping)

2st Team O vs 1st Team D
(T.C. Ostrander at quarterback)

1st & 10 @ own 35-yardline: False start five-yard penalty
1st & 15 @ 30-yardline: David Marrero tripped up behind line of scrimmage for four-yard loss (tackle by Babatunde Oshinowo)
2nd & 19 @ 26-yardline: Pass complete to Marrero in the flat for nine yards (tackle by Will Svitek and Brandon Harrison)
3rd & 10 @ 35-yardline: Pass complete to Marcus McCutcheon for four yards after Ostrander scramble (tackle by Harrison)

1st Team O vs 2nd Team D

1st & 10 @ own 35-yardline: Pass complete to wide-open Greg Camarillo for 33 yards (tackle by Bentrott)
1st & 10 @ opp. 32-yardline: Pass complete to Evan Moore on left side on roll-out for nine yards (tackle by Nick Silvas)
2nd & 1 @ 23-yardline: Lemon 13-yard run out of I-formation behind Bonifas, but did not follow outside - cut back inside (tackle by Nick Sanchez)
1st & Goal @ 10-yardline: Pass complete to Michael Horgan for three yards (tackle by Michael Okwo)
2nd & Goal @ 7-yardline: Lemon fumble on hand-off in backfield (recovered by Michael Lovelady)

2nd Team O vs 1st Team D
(David Lofton at quarterback)

1st & 10 @ own 40-yardline: Pass complete to McCullum for five yards
2nd & 5 @ 45-yardline: Evans run for two yards up middle off fake reverse to McCullum (tackle by David Bergeron)
3rd & 3 @ 47-yardline: Quarterback sack by Jon Alston for two-yard loss (coverage sack - Lofton sent scrambling)

1st Team O vs 2nd Team D

1st & 10 @ own 40-yardline: Tolon six-yard run by Tolon (tackle by Mike Silva)
2nd & 4 @ 46-yardline: Pass complete to Alex Smith for 12 yard gain - nice catch and run off play-action, but holding penalty nullifies play and moves back 10 yards
2nd & 14 @ 36-yardline: Pass incomplete between Camarillo and Moore
3rd & 14 @ 36-yardline: Pass incomplete to McCullum 30 yards down the field (just past hands - castigated on sideline for not getting to the ball)

2nd Team O vs 1st Team D

1st & 10 @ own 45-yardline: Marrero run for no gain after Emeka Nnoli missed block (tackle by Oshinowo)
2nd & 10 @ 45-yardline: Marrero run for nine yards - cut left and slices through defense
3rd & short 1 @ opp. 46-yardline: Evans run for loss of two yards (blown up by Alston)

1st Team O vs 2nd Team D

1st & 10 @ own 45-yardline: Pass incomplete at 50-yardline - Lemon drops the ball
2nd & 10 @ 45-yardline: Lemon run for five-yards on draw (tackle by Udeme Udofia)
3rd & 5 @ 40-yardline: Pass incomplete, deflected by Matt McClernan at LOS

2nd Team O vs 1st Team D

1st & 10 @ 50-yardline: Pass complete to McCullum for six yards in the flat (tackle by Oshiomogho Atogwe)
2nd & 4 @ opp. 44-yardline: Off-sides penalty on defense for five yards (Oshinowo - pulled immediately off field, Casey Carroll sub's)
1st & 10 @ 39-yardline: Pass complete to McCullum for 10 yards (tackle by Bergeron and Leigh Torrence)
1st & 10 @ 29-yardline: Marrero run for no gain on right side (tackle by Kevin Schimmelmann and Bergeron)
2nd & 10 @ 29-yardline: Swing pass complete to Marrero on right side for 28 yards - blazes up sideline and dives into endzone, but officials call him out at the one-yardline
1st & Goal @ 1-yardline: Marrero run for one yard touchdown on right side
PAT good by Derek Belch (Ostrander hold, Preston Clover snap)

1st Team O vs 2nd Team D

1st & 10 @ 50-yardline: Pass incomplete, defelected by McClernan at LOS but Alex Smith had play on ball in air but legally hit by Landon Johnson
2nd & 10 @ 50-yardline: Pass complete to Camarillo in flat for nine yards (tackle by Bentrott)
3rd & 1 @ opp. 41-yardline: Run by Tolon for one yard behind Bonifas (tackle by Okwo)
1st & 10 @ 40-yardline: Pass complete to Bonifas for eight yards on play-action (tackle by Okwo)
2nd & 2 @ 32-yardline: Quarterback sack by Timi Wusu and Chris Horn for five yards
3rd & 7 @ 37-yardline: Pass incomplete to Moore (too high)
4th & 7 @ 37-yardline: Pass complete to Smith for 12 yards (tackle by Johnson)
1st & 10 @ 25-yardline: Run by Tolon for 12 yards on draw (tackle by Sims)
1st & 10 @ 13-yardline: Run by Tolon for two yards
2nd & 8 @ 11-yardline: Pass incomplete (Edwards threw into ground when nobody open)
3rd & 8 @ 11-yardline: Pass complete to McCutcheon for 11-yard touchdown on nice fade
PAT good by Sgroi

2nd Team O vs 1st Team D

1st & 10 @ own 35-yardline: Pass complete to Patrick Danahy for 14 yards on beatiful roll-out after play-action
1st & 10 @ 49-yardline: Pass incomplete, deflected by Svitek
2nd & 10 @ 49-yardline: Marrero run for 10 yards on draw - beautiful change of direction and shiftiness
1st & 10 @ opp. 41-yardline: Marrero run no gain (tackle by Svitek)
2nd & 10 @ 41-yardline: Marrero run for 16 yards but last 10 came after broke a tackle and exploded upfield for more
1st & 10 @ 25-yardline: Pass complete to McCullum for seven yards, also broke tackle during run
2nd & 3 @ 18-yardline: Pass incomplete high and wide for McCutcheon
3rd & 3 @ 18-yardline: Marrero run for long two yards on backwards screen pass behind Nnoli block
4th & inches @ 16-yardline: Marrero run for three yards
1st & 10 @ 13-yardline: Pass incomplete to McCullum in endzone on fade pattern, had to play defense to bat ball away from Atogwe and Stanley Wilson
2nd & 10 @ 13-yardline: Pass incomplete to Matt Buchanan
3rd & 10 @ 13-yardline: Pass incomplete
4th & 10 @ 13-yardline: Field goal attempt from 30 yards wide right by Belch

"Halftime break" - Punting work

Danahy snaps to Jay Ottovegio: Over his head (Ottovegio recovers, Sanchez tackle)
Cochran snaps to Ottovegio: Snap off to right, but gets off 28-yard punt (plus 15-yard roll)
Brent Newhouse snaps to Ottovegio: Snap good, 40-yard punt
Jared Newberry snaps to Ottovegio: Snap low, but gets off 36-yard punt
Newberry snaps to Ottovegio: Snap good, wobbly 30-yard punt

1st Team O vs 1st Team D

1st & 10 @ own 35-yardline: Evans run for no gain
2nd & 10 @ 35-yardline: Pass complete to Camarillo on backside screen for two yards (tackle by Bergeron)
3rd & 8 @ 37-yardline: Quarterback sack by Oshinowo for eight-yard loss

2nd Team O vs 2nd Team D

1st & 10 @ own 35-yardline: Marrero run for 27 yards on draw, then cut to right sideline - looked like gone down to 20-yardline but officials claim stepped out at 20... very questionable
1st & 10 @ opp. 33-yardline: Evans run for two-yard loss (tackle by Okwo)
2nd & 12 @ 35-yardline: Quarterback sack by Bentrott for seven-yard loss
3rd & 19 @ 42-yardline: Pass incomplete over McCutcheon's head

1st Team O vs 1st Team D

1st & 10 @ own 40-yardline: Pass complete to Camarillo for 15 yards (tackle by Alston and Brandon Harrison)
1st & 10 @ opp. 45-yardline: Pass incomplete at sideline, intended for Smith (Alston defense)
2nd & 10 @ 45-yardline: Tolon run for no gain (tackle by Alston)
3rd & 10 @ 45-yardline: Pass complete to Smith for eight yards at sideline - good protection by OL against safety blitz (crushing tackle by Torrence)
4th & 2 @ 37-yardline: Run by Edwards for three yards on bootleg after play-action (tackle by Bergeron)
1st & 10 @ 34-yardline: Run by Edwards for eight yards on scramble - great protection by Jeff Edwards (tackle by Newberry)
2nd & 2 @ 26-yardline: Run by Tolon for loss of one yard
3rd & 3 @ 27-yardline: Pass incomplete
4th & 3 @ 27-yardline: Quarterback sack by Schimmelmann for nine-yard loss (jailbreak by defense)

2nd Team O vs 2nd Team D

1st & 10 @ own 45-yardline: Pass incomplete, intended for Buchanan (Sanchez defense)
2nd & 10 @ 45-yardline: Run by Ostrander for two yards on scramble
3rd & 8 @ 47-yardline: Incomplete pass, intended for McCutcheon (phantom penalty called on defense to keep drive alive)
1st & 10 @ opp. 38-yardline: Nnoli run for three yards after breaking tackle in backfield
2nd & 7 @ 35-yardline: Evans run for one yard behind Nnoli (tackle by Udofia)
3rd & 6 @ 34-yardline: Pass complete to McCullum for four yards (tackle by Sanchez)
4th & 2 @ 30-yardline: Evans run for five yards (tackle by Silva and Peter Griffin)
1st & 10 @ 25-yardline: False start five-yard penalty (Mike Macellari)
1st & 15 @ 30-yardline: Pass incomplete, intended for Buchanan (Sanchez defense)
2nd & 15 @ 30-yardline: Ostrander scramble for no gain (chased out of bounds by Udofia, Horn and McClernan)
3rd & 15 @ 30-yardline: Pass complete to wide-open McCullum for 20 yards (tackle by Okwo)
1st & Goal @ 10-yardline: Pass incomplete, intended for McCutcheon on left side in endzone - nice pump fake but no air under ball (deflected by Sims)
2nd & Goal @ 10-yardline: Evans run for four yards behind Nnoli
3rd @ Goal @ 6-yardline: Pass incomplete, intended for Nnoli - rushed throw against blitz (Okwo and Sims both defend pass)
4th @ Goal @ 6-yardline: Field goal good by Belch (23 yards)

1st Team O vs 1st Team D

1st & 10 @ opp. 20-yardline: Pass complete to Mark Bradford, fights hard for three yards (tackle by Bergeron)
2nd & 7 @ 17-yardline: Pass complete to Camarillo for nine yards (tackle by Schimmelmann and Wusu) but deadball personal foul on Ismail Simpson marches back 15 yards after first down; immediately yanked off field
1st & 10 @ 23-yardline: Pass complete to McCullum for two yards
2nd & 8 @ 21-yardline: Quarterback sack by Bergeron for five-yard loss
3rd & 13 @ 26-yardline: Pass complete to McCullum for five yards (knee down)
4th & 8 @ 21-yardline: Field goal good by Sgroi (38 yards)

2nd Team O vs 2nd Team D

1st & 10 @ opp. 22-yardline: Pass complete to Mike Miller for two yards (tackle by Emmanuel Awofadeju)
2nd & 8 @ 20-yardline: Tolon run for five yards (tackle by McClernan and Bentrott)
3rd & 3 @ 15-yardline: Tolon run for 12 yards, breaking several tackles (Sanchez tackle)
1st & Goal @ 3-yardline: Nnoli run for three-yard touchdown, bounces outside
PAT Good by Belch

In summary, here are some take-home notes:

  • David Marrero was the most explosive playmaker on offense, showing what he can do running the ball and catching it out of the backfield (101 yards and one touchdown on 13 touches). I wrote at length on Friday's practice about how he was spending time with the wideouts and running receiving routes. The freshman did indeed split out on some plays in this 105-play scrimmage, but none of his plays came on nominal receiver routes. Any time he caught the ball, it was out in the flat or on a swing pattern. But the point remains that his speed can break plays in a way nobody else on this roster can achieve. Another important point is that he had a handful of plays that went for no yardage or a loss or one or two, but you can't get the big plays if you don't continue getting him the ball. He needs a lot of touches in games if you want to get the home runs from him.
  • The explosiveness from Marrero was not shocking. It was nice to see, but not shocking. What bowled me over was how hard he ran, particularly when he broke an open-field tackle. That's a physical kind of play that several RBs made on this day. You're seeing that from Kenneth Tolon as well, who somewhat similarly has a reputation as a shifty athlete but not a physical back. The positive yardage and the yards after being hit made the running game the biggest success story of this scrimmage.
  • Greg Camarillo led all receivers with 82 yards on six catches. He remains an unremarkable athlete, but the most consistent performer of the receiving corps. His ability to pick up chunk yardage was very noteworthy in this scrimmage, including that big 33-yard gainer. Kudos also go out to Justin McCullum for his nine grabs for 60 yards. He had more opportunities that went incomplete, and you would like him to convert better down the field given his size and speed. Right now I think he best performs as a short-to-medium yardage target, almost like the tight ends - drag him across the middle or hit him on square-outs.
  • The flip side of the offensive players breaking tackles is that defensive players are not wrapping up. That has to irk the defensive coaches to no end, and I would expect it to be an emphasis in this last week of practice.
  • All kinds of formations and pairings in the offensive backfield with the backs, including some non-RBs in there at fullback. Plenty of formations saw Kris Bonifas or Emeka Nnoli as the fullback in offset and "I" formations, but we also saw David Marrero in that role for probably five or so plays. Lots of complexity in those backfield formations.
  • Alex Smith did play in the scrimmage, despite an ankle injury that held him out Friday. The crowd held its collective breath when he was rocked hard by Leigh Torrence on a play at the sideline - Smith stayed on the ground for some time. He had just had the wind knocked out of him, though, and returned to action.
  • Some depth chart notes on defense: Brandon Harrison did hold on to the starting strong safety position that we saw on Friday... plenty of pairings were used on the first team defense for the two ends in the three-man front including: Casey Carroll and Will Svitek; Carroll and Jenkins; and Svitek and Jenkins... Kevin Schimmelmann looks to ahead of Michael Okwo according to the repetitions within the first and second team units, but Okwo was a better playmaker in this scrimmage... Pretty even repetitions between the three top cornerbacks right now: Leigh Torrence, Stanley Wilson and T.J. Rushing.
  • There are a lot of adjustments being made by players in the front seven with this new scheme, but David Bergeron looks like he hasn't missed a beat. New gaps, same results for the steady, senior ILB.
  • I count four pass deflections by nose guard Matt McClernan in the last two scrimmages. One or two might be a fluke, but four says something. That's an unusual standout skill for a defensive lineman.
  • My overall take is that both the offense and defense made a pretty even set of plays in this game. You can't conclude that either really "won." But the offense did do enough to confirm that Wednesday was not a fluke. Moreover, the offense moved the ball well against a healthy defense, which removes the asterisk from the Wednesday scrimmage that saw Babatunde Oshinowo on the sideline.

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