College Football Top 25 (11/18)

Stanford moved up to #13 in this week's The Insiders College Football Poll. Easy to remember, as we are lucky #13 in the other two football polls and the hoops poll as well this week.

SEATTLE - It seems Miami's tenuous hold on the top of college football polls was nothing a good butt kicking couldn't cure. A week after slipping to No. 2 in the coaches poll and clinging to a one-point margin in rankings, the Hurricanes are No. 1 everywhere again, thanks to a 59-0 pasting of previous No. 13 Syracuse.

The 9-0 Hurricanes now face what could be their biggest obstacles to a shot at the national championship - a matchup with Washington that was rescheduled because of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The Huskies (8-2) are No. 12 after knocking archrival Washington State off the top of the Pac-10 standings with a 26-14 victory on Saturday. The Cougars (9-2) also became the only team to tumble out of Top 10, falling from No. 8 to No. 15.

Michigan (8-2), which had slipped from No. 6 after a 26-24 upset loss to Michigan State two weeks ago, climbed back into the upper echelon at No. 9.

Marshall (9-1), Boston College (7-3), Fresno State (9-2) and Arkansas (7-3) joined Top 25 this week, while Auburn, Florida State, UCLA and Ohio State dropped out. is an online sports network featuring the top college team, recruiting, NFL and high school sites on the Web. The Top 25 College Poll includes ballots from publishers reflecting the regions and conferences represented in college team network.

The Nov. 18, 2001 Poll:

1 Miami (6)2451
2 Nebraska (4)2432
3 Oklahoma2263
4 Florida2244
5 Texas2085
6 Oregon2007
7 Maryland1869
8 Tennessee1846
9 Michigan15811
10 Brigham Young15410
11 Illinois15312
12 Washington13714
13 Stanford11715
14 Colorado11416
15 Washington State1068
16 South Carolina9321
17 Virginia Tech9019
18 Louisville7921
19 Marshall45 
20 Georgia4323
21 Georgia Tech3723
23 Boston College31 
24 Fresno State30 
25 Arkansas26 
*First place votes in parenthesis.

Other teams receiving votes:
Auburn 19, Michigan State 12, Florida State 10, UCLA 9, Purdue 8, Mississippi 8, USC 5, Rice 4, NC State 3, Iowa 3, Alabama 2, Penn State 1.

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