Week in Review

Here are links to the stories we published during the week ending 11/11/01. Enjoy! Week in Review

(Week ending 11/11/01)


Gail Tate's Monday column was titled Don't Cry in that Beer, Drink it! - a recipe on how to handle the UW loss for Cardinalmaniacs.

Tuesday brought us a Stanford Baseball Fall Ball Review by JJ. The hitters are looking better but the pitching is inexperienced.

Tuesday means Chad and Hulk released a new, updated table of potential recruits for Stanford Football for 2002.

Tree Boy also released his latest BootPowerRatings, where Stanford had dropped below the Washington schools into the 4th spot in the conference.

ME-97 gave us a very detailed commentary on the hoops team first exhibition game - a 100-81 vistory over Athletes in Action.

ME-97 also snuck off to practice and filed this report from 11/7 football practice.

Mark DeVaughn gave us his weekly report, this time previewing the Arizona Wildcats.

Bootleg Posts of the Week honors were given to TreeBoy, Genuine Realist, ME-97 and mutoo.

YCF penned the recap of Stanford's 51-37 victory over the Cats in Tucson.

Finally, the new Top 25 College Football Poll was published. The poll shows Stanford at #15.






The week got off to a good start with some photos from basketball practice, courtesy of CJ. First one set of photos, then another.

On Monday, we went into The Bootleg Archives to bring back our Pigskin Flashback: '82 Stanford-UW game. Don't miss this one!

Also on Monday, Gail Tate's latest column was released: A Pox on Your Poll.

On Tuesday, Terry went inside the numbers to look at how Stanford is Putting a Dent in the Record Book.

ME-97 released his weekly Report Card-inal from the UCLA game. As you can imagine, the grades were sparkling!

TreeBoy's BootPowerRatings revealed that the BootComputer has a new #1: Stanford!

Like every Tuesday, Chad and Hulk released a new, updated table of potential recruits for Stanford Football for 2002.

Frustrated with several posters' concern about premature BCS talk, ME-97 quickly authored Screw the Scrooges - Embrace the BCS-Fest! and argued that all Cardinalmaniacs™ should embrace Stanford's newfound national respect and lofty post-season hopes.

On Wednesday, JJ filed a Baseball practice report from 10/30. He continues to be high on squad's the young pitchers.

Mark DeVaughn's preview of the UW game, Enough Already, argued that it's high time for Stanford the break their Seattle jinx. Oh, well!

Guru came out with another classic - Revisiting the NorthWest Road Warriors - a look back at the three huge offensive linemen who Denny Green recruited from the Pacific Northwest in 1989 (Brian Cassidy, Glen Cavanaugh and Steve Hoyem). This is a must-read!

Another Pigskin Flashback was published on Thursday as Emeritus looked back at the Stanford-UW game in 1975 - the last time Stanford left Seattle victorious. Print this story out and share it with a true friend!

Lars checked in with some late-week Kibbles & Bits - his Cougar Collapse prediction may have been premature! Posts of the Week recognized the following outstanding posters: Opinionated Crank, 51 Dave, Hulk01 and Boston Card.

On Friday, Pac-10 Publishers gave us Who is the best bet in the Pac-10? Not surprisingly, these guys agree on very little.

Chad introduced us to Dollie #4 - Veronica Flores. She is from Fort Worth, Texas and her favorite movie is Billy Madison.

On Saturday night, Chad reported on the Huskies' 42-28 victory in his game recap. UW controlled the line of scrimmage and our offense like no other team has been able to do this season.

ME-97's BootPool results were released and the weekly winner was Qwerty49 - muiron still maintained the "yellow jersey."

Finally, the new Top 25 College Football Poll was published. Stanford dropped to #16 while WSU made their debut in the top 10.

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