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Stanford travels to the Hoosier state for the second of three straight Saturday road tests. The Card's crosshairs are set on Gene Keady and his Purdue Boilermakers, in a dubious "neutral" site in Indianapolis. Simon Sez Stanford has some matchups to exploit, but some tough defensive assignments at the wings.

While everyone is at home enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday, our Stanford Cardinal is off in the Midwest preparing for yet another hostile crowd and tough opponent. Purdue University is known for its bruising style of basketball often playing tough defense and dominating the glass. Who can forget the war in the 1998 Tournament when Stanford and Purdue played as physical a game as I have seen. Expect more of the same, just with a different cast of characters for both teams, as Stanford looks to win its 3rd straight to open the season. Here are the matchups you should expect to see as the teams take the court on Saturday.

Austin Parkinson, 6-0, 183, Sophomore, Kokomo, In (4.0 ppg, 2.0 rpg)
Tony Giovacchini , 6-2, 180, Senior, Salt Lake City, Ut (6.5 ppg, 2.0 rpg)

Austin Parkinson is a player that Purdue seems to be very high on. They like his quickness and slashing ability, but in his first game against Radford he struggled and only scored four points. This is another good test for Tony as he has had a good game in the opener but didn't play as well in the second game against Southern Utah. Both players are pretty similar after their quickness as both players are starting for the first time and haven't had too much experience in close game situations. Look for this matchup to not decide the game but play a little bit of a factor. Parkinson is the only underclassmen in the Purdue starting lineup so look for him to not shoot as much if he struggles. Once again Tony could struggle with this matchup, so look for Barnes to be thrust into this role as he looked very good on Tuesday night.

Maynard Lewis, 6-1, 187, Senior, Terre Haute, In (19.0 ppg, 3.0 rpg)
Casey Jacobsen 6-6, 210, Junior, Glendora, Ca (20.0 ppg)

This is the key matchup of the game for both teams. Lewis is this teams scorer and is full of experience, starting last year for this teams and has gone through the rigorous Big 10 schedule three times. Casey must pay attention to his defense this game as Stanford can't let Lewis have a big game. Casey again must shoulder the scoring load and take the big shots for Stanford when the 20,000+ in Canseco Fieldhouse get into the game. Casey has had a great season so far and will just have to continue like he has in this game to give Stanford a good shot at a win. After seeing double with the Southern Utah zone, he should expect to see more of the same as Stanford adjusted to it very slowly. With a more talented team like Purdue the result could have been different. Casey should take this matchup as keeping him off the scoreboard seems to be nearly impossible with his new complete game.

Darmetreis Kilgore, 6-5, 202, Junior, South Bend, In (16.0 ppg, 4.0 rpg)
Josh Childress 6-8, 190, Freshman, Lakewood, Ca (12 ppg

This is the other big matchup in the game. Quickness should not be problem for Josh as he has proved that he is a great defender and is active in the passing lanes and on the block. Kilgore had a solid game in their opener scoring 16 and getting double figures in the Radford game as well. Josh needs to hit the open shots he gets with the defense on Casey for Stanford to be successful. He did this against New Mexico but not as much so against Southern Utah, until the waning moments of the games. He has been everything anyone can ask for and more this season and his production will lag some games as he is a freshman but until that happens people can expect great things from him. Look for him to put this matchup into a draw and for him to continue his solid play.

Rodney Smith, 6-6, 231, Senior, Indianapolis, In (4.0 ppg, 4.0 rpg)
Justin Davis, 6-8, 230, Sophomore, Berkeley, Ca (7.5 ppg)

This should be a very interesting matchup in the game. Look for Purdue to not give Davis as many free dunks as he has been getting this season. With this, look for Justin to have to shoot with his back to the basket, which is something he hasn't done yet this year. It is something that he is fully capable of excelling at but he is basically an unknown at this point not knowing what you will get. He is playing a very undersized power forward which should be to his advantage, but look for Keady to use a taller player off of his bench if Davis takes advantage of this matchup. Davis has also had a big problem with foul trouble this season, whether it being his fault or not it is something he and the coaching staff will have to work on at least until January when they can expect Teyo Johnson back from the football team. Look for this matchup to be a push as both players don't produce too much.

John Allison, 6-10, 242, Senior, New Palestine, In (6.0 ppg, 5.0 rpg)
Curtis Borchardt, 7-0, 240, Junior, Redmond, Wa (16.0 ppg)

This is going to be a matchup Stanford has to take advantage of. Borchardt is much more physically gifted than Allison and should be a force in the post. Allison is a tall guy but doesn't provide much of a presence in the paint. He is active and scrappy but this is one of the weaker opponents Borchardt will face in the paint. For Stanford to win this game Borchardt will have to control the boards and get his points in the paint and make the Purdue defense sag which produces 3-pointers. I fully expect for Borchardt to have a big game Saturday and notch his second consecutive double-double. Look for Allison to only play 25-30 minutes and have a lot of big bodies rotated in to provide energy for Purdue.

Overall the matchups are a little favorable but this is another quick team where Stanford's guards will be tested. Look for this game to be another workmanlike victory as this team has come accustom to as they don't sprint out to any big leads. Overall I see a tough victory in a tough environment and a 3-0 basketball headed into another road matchup against Texas.

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