June Flurry Finishes Goods' Spring

One of the most elusive recruiting stories to wrap our arms around this spring has come with SoCal combo guard Anthony Goods. His visit plans have changed throughout the last couple months, but we finally have pegged the last set of events to unfold in the coming days. For details of his two official visits this week, plus insight into how he and his mother have reacted to Stanford Basketball's recent changes, read on...

In April Corona (Calif.) Centennial High School junior guard Anthony Goods had the "most stressful month of [his] life" and said that he would hold off on official visits until the fall. By the first week of May, the 6'3" athlete had two official visits scheduled and soon added a third - all on the West Coast. He was talking excitedly about the possibility of fourth and fifth visits to Kansas and Georgia Tech. His California visit went as scheduled, but then two weeks ago the news of Mike Montgomery's departure rocked the Goods household and soon led to a cancellation of his Stanford and Washington visits. The pronouncement at that time was that it was in his best interest to take his remaining official trips in the fall, including at least one back East.

Then last week I spoke with the recruit's mother, Carol Goods, and learned that the two cancelled Pac-10 visits were back on. Both mother and son left Los Angeles last night to fly up to Washington for a shortened visit that will last all of today and put the student-athlete back home at 8 AM tomorrow morning for an exam at school. The Stanford trip will start Sunday night (June 6) and in parallel fashion give all of that Monday on The Farm before a Tuesday morning return.

"I know that the NCAA rules give 48 hours, but he won't go 48 hours," Mrs. Goods explains. "The entertainment part will have to be cut short. We want to see what [academic] programs are available and meet the new coach. We'll have quality time versus quantity of time."

While the shortened visit is less than ideal, it is exciting news for Cardinalmaniacs™ that Goods has turned 180° again and will take a visit to The Farm. There was speculative concern that the cancelled visit was an apocalyptic sign for Stanford's chances in this recruiting battle - a sign of dropped interest in the face of the head coaching transition.

"This visit is very, very important," Goods' mother reassures us. "I was the one who made the decision to cancel the visit when Coach Montgomery left. I was uncomfortable not knowing who would be the head coach, and we only get one official visit. I was at the point that I almost paid for us to take an unofficial - seeing Stanford is that important to us."

"The bottom line is that visiting Stanford is crucial," he continues. "This is Stanford. Need I say more? We know academically where Stanford stands, and we knew athletically what they had for Anthony. I looked over my notes from our meeting with Coach Montgomery in April and was pretty satisfied with everything. Our immediate question after Coach left was: has anything changed? Is it all too soon? We wanted to wait and see where the new regime stands. I don't see any drop in standing, rank or whatever."

Now that the "new regime" in place, which actually keeps all three assistant coaches on board and offers surprisingly little upheaval for this situation, the Goods duo have their sites set on asking Trent Johnson those many questions they peppered Montgomery with more than a month ago.

"All that is left is to speak with Coach Johnson. Has he seen Anthony play? How would he relate to Anthony as a person? How does he value and want to use him as a player? I need to know from Coach Johnson if this is a match," Mrs. Goods relates.

The junior student-athlete spent this past weekend in North Carolina at the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions, where he joined up with the Belmont Shore AAU squad (0-4 at the tournament). He flew back across the country for school on Tuesday and then left that night for Seattle. He will return Thursday morning for two days of very packed schoolwork and exams before heading down to Cypress (Calif.) for the Pangos All-American Camp Friday through Sunday. Sunday night he flies to Stanford and returns home Tuesday morning. Doing all this during final exam crunch time at Centennial High School is an improbable feat, especially with how intense emphasis is placed on education at home for Anthony Goods. He would not be able to pull off this Stanford visit if not for some significant help from his high school teachers.

"It's tight but Anthony was able to get his teachers to reschedule for this trip," his mother notes. "Because it is Stanford, they want to do everything they can to help. His AP Spanish teacher was in tears when she learned that he was admitted to Stanford. They are all so excited for him."

That whirlwind schedule also means that you should expect little news to come out of the Goods household for at least several days. Carol Goods is handling all incoming media phone calls and initiating outgoing calls to college coaches, so she would be the one to comment in the nearterm on developments. Whether the word comes from the All-American son or the All-American mom, we will continue to keep you updated on this evolving and shifting story. We expect that things will be happening soon after these two visits.

"We're hoping to have a decision before the fall," Mrs. Goods concludes. "I'm confident that with the visits, we will have what we need to evaluate Anthony's options."

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