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Once again, an excellent array of choices for Posts of the Week were available for the selection committee (read: me). And, the winners are: Jeff83, Hillcrest, and Genuine Realist. Good stuff, guys!®
Posts of the Week

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Below are the posts that made this week's list:


Poster: Jeff83
Subject: Mussina robbed on Cy Young

Date: 11/17/01

Can't believe that in this day of excellent baseball analysis the sportswriters still insisted on award the Cy to the player who happened to receive the most run support and best relief help.

Clemens got a whopping 47% more runs per game than Moose - for that he gets an award ?

Mussina vs Clemens:
lower ERA - Moose
less hits allowed - Moose
less walks allowed - Moose
comeplete games - Moose
shutouts - Moose
innings pitched - Moose

games pitched where runs allowed*9/innings is
3 runs or less:
Moose 18 games with a 14-0 record
Clemens 16 games with a 12-0 record

where runs allowed *9/innings is greater than 3:
Moose 16 games, 3-11 record
Clemens 17 games, 8-3 record

Freddy Garcia, fine choice. Mark Mulder ok, Joe Mays even better. But giving #6 to freakin Clemens because he got massive run support and the Yankee bullpen never blew a game for him is foolish.


Poster: Hillcrest
Love this year's team (quite long)
Date: 11/22/01

So, I've seen enough games now to at least generate some preliminary thoughts and sentiments about this year's team. And, as always, remember that my analysis is in the context of trying to win a national title in April.

One thing I should say right off is that I'm far more excited about this year's team than in years past, and it is because there is a world of upside. We've always been quite well-prepared and disciplined starting our seasons in the past, but our team, as a whole, has not had vast room for improvement in my estimation. Their performance in December wasn't too far below my expectations in March.

This year's squad has numerous players that could/should have break-out games and that could double and even triple their effectiveness as the season progresses. Here are my thoughts on the key personnel:

* Casey - I'm very curious to see how CJ is going to respond to being a marked man this year. While he will be consistently good, I'm beginning to wonder if he's going to be the "unstoppable" force. Does he have what it takes athletically to deal with the double and triple teams from the top teams? Still an unanswered question to me.

So far, against lesser competition, his points have been very quiet and the average Joe that's unfamiliar with our team wouldn't walk away from the games thinking, "gosh, I bet that number 23 is an All-American. He's amazing!".

Regardless, he'll benefit a lot from his reputation. All signs point to Casey reaching his performance peak this year. The team needs him (he's the first option), he's pretty much getting all he can from his level of athleticism, and his confidence was already gushing.

I should say that I love the attitude he brings to our team...super-competitive, fiery, cocky, and I hope it spreads all the more when Teyo joins.

* Josh - Joe, above, walks away from the games so far this season thinking this guy is our best player. He's done it all, slashing, spotting up, dishing, swatting, rebounding, and some very agile, impressive dunks, even moreso cuz we're Stanford.

I agree with the position that he's got the potential to be better than Casey, his athleticism, his confidence, his pedigree, etc. He's probably the most complete player I've seen at that means, in the last like 6 years. It will not surprise me one bit if he steals the spotlight this season, especially since Casey will be marked. Josh can play basketball.

To me, JC is the least worrisome matchup all year.

* Justin - If this guy ever learns to shoot...good grief he could be sick! If I were his coach I'd have him carrying a basketball around with him all day and working at least an hour a day on pure shooting drills with a shooting coach. I'm talking normal set shots. He can worry about his post moves once he's got the set shots down.

I was thrilled to see him finish the wrap-around drive last game. I hope that whets his appetite and energizes his confidence for trying and finishing more.

He is truly a diamond in the rough specimen and I really don't see him being all *that* more rough than a Kwame Brown, or the like. If we succeed with him, he really could be "unstoppable". He must develop a good shot, though.

The fouls and traveling or whatever don't worry me that much yet, and I was annoyed that Monty mentioned his traveling in the UNM game. Lots of people traveled that game, including Casey, and in the last game verses So. Utah, traveling wasn't being called, but it was obvious and frequent by a number of players. For some reason, the "in the rough" players (usually athletic ones) are being assessed under a microscope with a completely inconsistent scale than with the other players. This affects JB also.

<< Tangent: Basically it's like this. There are those who say that so-and-so "diamond in the rough" player is not/should not be playing cuz of such-and-such mistakes. However, there are those who are dubbed "good players" who score 20 points a game and consistently make those same such-and-such mistakes which is now completely forgivable (we hardly even see their mistakes). Therefore, the problem is not the such-and-such mistakes, but only that they're not scoring 20 points, which they could do if they were given the green light to play through such-and-such mistakes.>>

* Curtis - He'll be a fine replacement for the Collins's. However, of the starting five, I can judge his peak potential the least. I don't know, for some reason, I just need more minutes of watching him. I think it's because I haven't seen his one-on-one game much yet. He's fantastic on defense for sure, and I'm confident he'll get at least his 10 - 15 points a game just cuz of his minutes and his size, but...I'm still wondering about his future as a creator. I just haven't seen enough footage, we'll just leave that as a question to be answered later this season.

* Tony - It was obvious that Tony had more confidence the last game. He had a spring in his step and played good as you can ask, really. He penetrated and made two very good dishes as the defense was shifting.

Ironically (to those that have kept up with my posts), Monty, in his last interview post-So. Utah, said Tony's only problem was confidence. So, he's giving Tony the benefit of the doubt here, and playing him based on perceived potential. I actually pretty much agree with that philosophy, so I'm half-glad that Monty was saying those things. However, I just don't see his peak being enough to beat out JB's potential.

* Julius - Contrary to

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