Week in Review

Here's a rundown of all the articles published in the last week. Good way to catch up on your required Bootleg reading! Week in Review

(Week ending 11/25/01)


The publishing week started with Gail Tate's weekly column, this time recapping our Big Game victory in When Ugly is Beautiful.

Simon Sez filed a Preview of Southern Utah for out home opener in hoops but even Simon did not anticipate how impressive the Thunderbirds defense would be.

For a statistical analysis of Notre Dame, terry filed Inside the numbers with Notre Dame. Terry's analysis did, however, fail to anticipate a torrnential downpour at game time.

On Wednesday, Simon Sez recapped the hard-fought victory over So. Utah in his Strange Sights Against Southern Utah.

TreeBoy's latest BootPowerRatings were published on Wednesday - the Ducks continued to hold onto the #1 spot.

Once again, we received the weekly Recruiting table update from Chad and Hulk.

On Friday, the Posts of the Week was published and the recognized posters were Jeff83, Hillcrest and Genuine Realist.

Simon Sez stayed busy by taking a deep look at Purdue in his hoops preview. Simon noted the size advantage that the Cardinal enjoyed and this observation would prove to be a factor in last Saturday's game. staff was polled for their predictions for the Notre Dame game and the results were revealed in Nostradamus on Notre Dame.

ME-97 recapped the sloppy (and soggy) victory over the Irish in Cardiac Card Down Domers.

Weekly honors in the BootPool went to Zorro as Muiron held onto a slim overall lead heading down the stretch.

The details of an inspiring victory over Purdue were provided by Simon Sez on Sunday.

Finally, the new Top 25 College Football Poll was released and Stanford moved up two slots to #11.


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