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Poster: nobadeer
Subject: huge weekend upcoming!

Date: 11/26/01

In what could be one of the best weekends ever for Stanford sports, the Farm will host 3 major NCAA tournament events:

1. NCAA men's soccer round of 16, Friday at 7 pm, at Maloney. The men, ranked #3, host Portland.

2. NCAA women's volleyball, 1st round, Friday ~ 7:30 pm, at Maples. The # 3 ranked women play Nevada.

3. NCAA Final 4 in water polo, starting Saturday afternoon, at Avery. The #1 ranked Cardinal play UMass.

I doubt that any school has ever hosted a final 4, along with NCAA regionals in 2 other sports, on the same weekend. We are the luckiest fans in college sports -- let's get out and support the nation's best!


Poster: Jeff83
I'm sick of hearing that crap !
Date: 11/27/01

Just like the asst commissioner and his "if they'd beaten WSU they wouldn't be complaining" line. Yeah, if we'd only gone undefeated we could still play in the Rose Bowl so we should shut up...

Why is it that Washington gets pasted by 22 and 25 by UCLA and OSU, but they don't have to worry about what they "should have done". On to the Holiday Bowl after being OUTSCORED on the season !!! And not just because of Miami, they were outscored in conference too !!!

WSU lost their two biggest games of the year, to UW and Oregon, but again I don't hear any "all they had to do was..."


Poster: Long Winded
Well, Here's Another Play...
Date: 11/27/01

Let's set the scene: Stanford has just caught UW at 28 all. The Huskies have been offensively anemic much of the second half, turning the ball over with regularity. Stanford has ALL the momentum now. The Huskies first two plays after the Teyo 2-point conversion net about 5 and 1/2 yards. Now, they face third and a long 4 from about their own 25. It's a clear passing down. Stanford knows it. The few Cardinal faithful in the endzone rise to their feet and make the only noise in the stadium. A defensive stop gives Stanford the ball in good field position, ready to strike again. EVERYBODY in the stadium knows the game is on the line. There is NO way UW will stop Stanford if forced to punt. The Pac 10 championship is one play away for the Cardinal, one lousy play. SO, what does the Cardinal braintrust do on this season-deciding play?... Aaah, let's drop into coverage and see what happens....Cody Pickett parks his horse back there while UW WRs run around for 6 seconds...Stanford is headed for Safeco to check out a retractable roof...Agree: One play does not a season make.


Poster: Long Winded
My Problems...
Date: 11/30/01

with all of this animosity stuff are two-fold: First, this board sure spends alot of time/energy villifying programs that are as good or better than we are. I mean, the attacks on Duke, UCLA, and Arizona are dominant themes on this board. Yes, Cal takes some hits, too, but the sense I get overall is that we really get most riled up by the programs that "threaten" us on a performance level. There are lots of programs more "outlawish" and less successful than the three I name, but they don't seem to draw much attention here. I don't know exactly what that means, but it doesn't feel right...

Second, and this is absolutely personal to me, a longtime pet peeve: No sports message board I have ever visted is as "moralistic" as The Bootboard, both in football and basketball. Stanford fans inject perceived ethics/morality issues into their view of sports more frequently than any I've seen. And we often make it personal: Other programs are dominated by thugs, punks, cheaters, rule-violaters, mercenaries, nonstudents, assholes, etc. Yes, other boards go that direction, too. I just think we go far beyond the norm. IMO, Stanford fans are the Religious Right of the sporting world, looking to condemn and rid the world of the sporting pagans.

I understand to some degree how we were "socialized" to think like that, given our years at Stanford. I sometimes go that direction as well. (Most often, I learned to go there when trying to feel superior to teams/schools/programs that pasted us on the floor/field.)But I also remember the days when I could enjoy sports purely on the athletic merits. I liked UCLA when they were dominant. I didn't know or care if there was a Sam Gilbert. I always was fascinated by the relentless defensive pressure of Jerry Tarkanian's UNLV teams. I was in awe, even at Stanford, when Cartwright/Hardy/Boynes came to Maples and dunked us into oblivion. I didn't care if USF had recruiting violations behind the secnes. I loved watching those guys as athletes and players.

Today, I'm forced to add all kinds of qualifications to my enjoyment of sports. I'm not allowed to admire a great athlete if he skips classes or hires an agent. I'm supposed to hate coaches who use a cell phone improperly. I'm supposed to downgrade a player who couldn't get into Stanford.

Yeah, I sometimes do those things. But my deepest satisfaction--as a pure sports fan--is just watching a great athlete make a great play. I get a sense of awe I can obtain in few other places. P.S. Yes, I fully expect UCLA to give us hell in Maples this winter...And if they beat us, I fully expect this board to bore in on the character of the Bruin program.

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