Seattle Bowl Ticket Update

Just a week ago, the question on every Cardinalmaniac's lips was "Which bowl?" With Stanford and Georgia Tech having accepted the Seattle Bowl invitation in the last few days, the questions now turn to tickets and seating. The stadium site is a baseball-only venue, Safeco Field, which creates some issues...

Both sets of fans are a little disgruntled with the seating prospects of the Seattle Bowl, given this year's host site at Safeco Field. The baseball-only stadium has not hosted a non-baseball event prior to this pigskin affair. Unsurprisingly, the configuration is less than optimal for football viewing...

The gray sections (see chart below) are roughly those that have been allocated to Stanford and Georgia Tech. Even though the Stanford ticket office has yet to receive their allotment or disclose the sections they will have for Stanford fans, The Bootleg has learned the breakdown of sections allocated to the two schools.

sections 102-106, 120-122, 124-126, 136-137, 140, 325-333 (Stanford band will be in sec. 121)

Georgia Tech
sections 107-109, 116-121, 133, 146-147, 316-325 (Tech band will be in sec. 116)

The green sections are for sponsors, though at this time no title sponsor has been set for the 2001 Seattle Bowl. Efforts have been underway for most of the calendar year to line up sponsors, though the sell has been difficult. The Seattle Bowl is maintaining the stance that even without a title sponsor, the financial viability of the bowl will be strong enough to survive.

The Stanford ticket office is still taking orders from season ticket holders, who will receive priority over the the general Stanford public in seating. Orders should be placed by season ticket holders by phone at 1-800-STANFORD or by returning applications though the mail by Monday December 3rd (postmarked). Plenty of tickets are available, at $55 per ticket, and Stanford does not anticipate selling out its allotment at this time.

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