Saturday Scrimmage Report

Saturday was a big day for Stanford's 2004 preseason camp. For the first time, they held an extended scrimmage in full pads - replete with officials. We have the full skinny on how the first team offense and Trent Edwards performed, with a play-by-play report. In addition, we finally had a second team QB who stepped up to deliver. Also stats and notes on special teams kicking and punting.

The scrimmage included field goals and PATs, but punting was not part of the format.  Instead, the special teams punt and return units went on the field before the scrimmage to do their work:

Jay Ottovegio (punting from his own 25; Brent Newhouse snapping):
41, 45, 44 (despite bobbled snap), and 52 yards - all nice hangtime
Greg Camarillo (punting from his own 25; Jared Newberry snapping):
39, 23, 38, and 61 yards (despite snap high and wide)
Ottovegio (punting from the 50 for placement; Newhouse snapping):
44 yards to the six, 38 yards to the 12
Ottovegio (punting from the 50 for placement; Newberry snapping):
22 yards to the 28 (snap low and wide)

Next up was kickoffs and returns.  From the looks of things, this is your first team return unit:

frontline/hands - Justin McCullum, Calvin Armstrong, Mike Silva, Timi Wusu and Brandon Harrison.
Michael Okwo sits in space behind them, ahead of the wedge
wedge - Matt Traverso, Preston Clover and Patrick Danahy

The pair of returners rotated.  First up was Marcus McCutcheon and T.J. Rushing.  Next was Mark Bradford and Stanley Wilson.  The last pair was Kenneth Tolon and Gerren Crochet

Michael Sgroi's kickoffs:  Out the back of the endzone (repeat four times)
Derek Belch:  Five-yardline, goalline, seven-yardline, 15-yardline

Special teams comments:  There is no question that Jay Ottovegio is this team's number one punter, though the optimist can be encouraged by Camarillo's length he can reach.  However, you cannot afford to alternate between 23-yard and 60+ punts.  Ottovegio was good on his length and consistent in his hangtime.  He also showed that he can place the ball inside the 20.  More revealing was the fact that Brent Newhouse is the clear number one in snapping.  The redshirt freshman did a nice job with the placement of his long snaps, and he looks like he has a gap between himself and Jared Newberry at that spot.  As for kickoffs, you have to toss out the window any concerns about Sgroi's placement if he can put every punt out the endzone like that.  He had a small tailwind at his back, but the fact remains that he crushed the ball.  Belch has a nice leg, too, but he clearly is putting his emphasis on placement.  He did a nice job putting his balls in the corner, but never out of bounds.  You have to feel good about kickoffs after watching both of these specialists at work on Saturday.

Moving on the "regular" portion of the scrimmage, I have reproduced below all the series conducted by the first team offense.  There was more action as well for the second and third team offensive units, but an ill-timed commitment by a basketball recruit during the scrimmage took me away from other parts.  I was fortunate to catch all the first team offense, plus the a pair of drives by the second team O:

2nd team O vs 1st team D
1st & 10 @ own 25:  T.C. Ostrander pass complete to Justin McCullum for four yards
2nd & 6 @ own 29:  Ostrander pass intended for McCullum and tipped then caught by Marcus McCutcheon for 47 yards
1st & 10 @ opp 24:  Gerald Commissiong run for four yards
2nd & 6 @ opp. 20:  False start penalty (Preston Clover) for five yards on the offense
2nd & 11 @ opp 25:  Commissiong run for eight yards
3rd & 3 @ opp 17:  Quarterback sack by Will Svitek
4th & 6 @ opp 20:  37-yard field goal attempt by Derek Belch (Greg Camarillo hold) is good

1st team O vs 2nd team D
1st & 10 @ own 35:  Emeka Nnoli run for two yards
2nd & 8 @ own 37:  Trent Edwards pass incomplete to Evan Moore (hit his hands, just dropped it; at first down marker)
3rd & 8 @ own 37:  Edwards pass complete to Alex Smith for 15 yards
1st & 10 @ opp 48:  Edwards pass complete to Mark Bradford for 21 yards
Mystery penalty on the offense
1st & 15 @ own 45:  Edwards pass complete to Moore for 55-yard touchdown (dropped it right over Leigh Torrence on right sideline, then Moore ran it in)
PAT failed by Sgroi

1st team O vs 2nd team D
1st & 10 @ own 45:  (missed play) for loss of five yards
2nd & 15 @ own 40:  Edwards swing pass complete to Commissiong for loss of one yard
Defensive holding penalty
1st & 10 @ own 49:  Commissiong run for seven yards
2nd & 3 @ opp 44:  Edwards pass complete to Bradford for six yards
1st & 10 @ opp 38:  Edwards screen pass complete to Patrick Danahy for four yards
2nd & 6 @ opp 34:  Edwards pass complete to Commissiong for loss of two yards (great open-field stick by Peter Griffin)
3rd & 8 @ opp 36:  Edwards pass incomplete (batted down by Casey Carroll)
4th & 8 @ opp 36: 53-yard field goal by Michael Sgroi (Kyle Matter hold) is good... with distance to spare

2nd team O vs 1st team D
1st & 10:  Nnoli run for two yards
2nd & 8:  Fumbled center exchange (Ostrander and Mikal Brewer) for loss of two yards
3rd & 10:  Quarterback pressure/sack by Svitek and Babatunde Oshinowo for loss of 14 yards

1st team O vs 2nd team D
1st & 10 @ own 35:  Edwards pass incomplete to Danahy (hit his chest)
2nd & 10@ own 35:  Edwards screen pass complete to Ray Jones for six yards
3rd & 4 @ own 41:  Edwards run for 10 yards after looking to pass
1st & 10 @ opp 49:  Edwards pass complete to Camarillo for 26 yards (nice play-action, ball dropped perfectly to WR between two defenders)
1st & 10 @ opp 23:  Edwards pass complete to Smith for six yards (nice tackle by Timi Wusu)
2nd & 4 @ 17:  Jones run for three yards
3rd & 1 @ 16:  Edwards pass complete to Matt Traverso for nine yards
1st & Goal @ 7:  Edwards pass intercepted at goalline by Nick Sanchez and run back 100 yards for a touchdown (intended for Moore on a fade, badly underthrown)

Depth chart and injury notes:  Notably missing on the defense was free safety Oshiomogho Atogwe.  If you recall my last set of practice notes, he tried to lay a lick on McCutcheon on a play where Atogwe ended up the man limping away.  Turns out he suffered a leg contusion and was held out of this scrimmage as a precaution.  Also held out, but healthy enough to play if need, were veteran tailbacks Kenneth Tolon and J.R. Lemon.  Atogwe's absence moved Trevor Hooper up to the first team defense at strong safety, with Brandon Harrison sliding over to the free safety spot.  Though Tolon and Lemon were on the sideline for the scrimmage, they did take part in drills the first half of the practice beforehand.  In their absence, three tailbacks rotated on all the offensive units:  Emeka Nnoli, Gerald Commissiong and Ray Jones.  Redshirt sophomore Jason Evans was held out with a banged up knee.  Nnoli took the field first with the first team offense and would be the "starter" under these conditions.  Buddy Teevens told The Bootleg afterward that he expects the following injured/held players to return to action Monday:  Tolon, Lemon, Atogwe, fullback Kris Bonifas, wide receiver David Marrero and offensive guard Josiah Vinson.

Post-scrimmage comments by offensive coordinator Bill Cubit:

"They played real hard - played with confidence.  They looked like they had real fun out there, which is the most important thing."

"We have things to iron out.  We didn't play with J.R. [Lemon] or Kenny [Tolon] much - decided to let the younger guys make plays.  We need to find out who our number three is at that [tailback] position."

"I thought Trent [Edwards] played real well except the one pass.  The O-line did a real good job of pass protection.  We have a long way to go, but that's expected at this time of year.  We're moving ahead day by day."

"Trent doesn't have a lot of game experience, you know, so this is good for him.  I thought he threw the ball well.  He has a pretty good understanding of what we're doing, and he handled the pass rush well - read the defense well."

"I thought T.C. [Ostrander] played better than he's been playing.  I thought he really took a big step today.  I really like how he handled himself.  I also thought Ray Jones did a great job for a young guy.  Emeka [Nnoli] did well and will see some things he can improve when he sees the film."

"We wanted to work on our turnovers in the passing game and our downfield blocking.  I thought both were good today.  We had also been concerned about holding, but didn't have any of those penalties today."

"I feel good about our running game because guys aren't missing their assignments.  We have just about six runs, and they learn to run the plays pretty good.  Our pass protection is coming along - guys are learning a lot of football because of our defense they face every day."

"The interception was too bad, but the great thing was how Evan Moore came over to me and said, 'Coach, I should have broken it up.'  That's the attitude you want to hear from guys."

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