Udofia Trims List to Final Six

<b>TheInsiders</b> had the pleasure of taking in the second game of the season for Scottsdale Chaparral and <b>Ekom Udofia</b> Friday night. What we saw was a physically-dominating presence that is worth every bit of his #45 ranking in our national top 100. We deliver the full scouting report and also caught up with the standout d-tackle after the game to find that he has set all of his visits and takes his first one today!

Despite losing to defending 4A state champ Sunnyside, 17-7, Ekom Udofia was the do-everything player for the Firebirds on the evening.

Sunnyside did anything they could to contain him and they did an admirable job on a few occasions, but Udofia overpowered the smaller Blue Devil lineman most of the game. He went against double-teams all evening and completely plugged the middle so anytime Xavier Smith had a lengthy run, it was to the outside. It was not always a fair fight in regards to Udofia's battle against the Blue Devils. The Devils' O-lineman were rolling into his ankles, holding him, and doing anything they could to try to keep him from being dominant. It did not work.

Ekom did not have a lot of stats, but without him the game would have been much different for Chaparral. He completely took away the middle of the field all night and any successful play Sunnyside had was to to the outside on sweeps, counters, and roll-out passes. His most dominating interval came when his team needed it most. With 34 seconds left in the first half, Sunnyside had the opportunity to go up on the Firebirds 17-0 when they were at the Chaparral 2-yard line. On three consecutive running plays they foolishly ran I-formation straight at Udofia and were stuffed each time, only to have the clock run out on the half.

After viewing him in person, it is apparent why Udofia is so highly-regarded and has his pick of schools. We caught up with him after the game.

"We didn't have a great game tonight," said Udofia of his squad. "We did not play like I know we can. I do think that we proved we can play with Sunnyside, though. We hung in there even though they probably have the best quarterback in the state (Jaime Cota). He was completing third-and-longs against us all night. I was pretty happy with my play, but I am upset that we weren't good enough to get a win. Our offense really struggled."

Ekom will be taking his first trip today, but it is unofficial. "I am going to Stanford to watch them play against San Jose State and see my brother (redshirt freshman OLB/Udeme Udofia). I will leave for the airport about halfway through our film sessions."

Stanford is one of the final six schools he is considering. "My coach and I have set-up official visits to Miami, USC, Stanford, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State. I would say that Miami, 'SC, and Stanford are my top three."

He was unsure of most of the visit dates except the USC one which will be October 9th for the Cal game. USC and Arizona had coaches in the stands for the game.

Do the home-state Wildcats still have a shot? "Oh definitely," he said emphatically. "I am visiting there for the Wisconsin game. I will do everything with the other recruits like it is an official visit. The only thing is that I have to pay for it."

Ekom and his squad take on Peoria Centennial next Friday.

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