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With all the developments in the last week, we were blessed with an abundance of outstanding posts. I am sure I missed a couple, but the winners are: tmf, BigJohn43 and Mike Thometz.®
Posts of the Week

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Below are the posts that made this week's list:


Poster: tmf
Thoughts on Possible Replacements
Date: 12/07/01

Head Coach: Long Winded. Hard to find another man in America who is better qualified and knows where all the bodies are burried. Watching his relationship evolve with TL and Old Union will be worth its weight in gold.

Recruiting Coordinator: Hulk (sorry Chad)

Offensive Coordinator: Irish Guru (although his handle is a bit distrubing given the current events)

Defensive Coordinator: Genuine Realist (But only if we all coan monitor the communications between head coach and DC).

SID: Clearly LW will only take the job if Lars and ME97 come on board to pump the program.

New team mascot: Half empty glass

Final caveat: Where would LW put him on his list of the top 10 coaches in the conference. As I recall the list from several years ago, Bob Toledo was at or near the top!


Poster: BigJohn43
Thoughts on the team (longish)
Date: 12/13/01

Living in Atlanta, this is going to be the toughest year to follow Stanford hoop in memory with this idiotic KRON deal. The UT game was the first I could even get my hands on and I have been traveling for the past two weeks so I just got a chance to watch it.

Way back when I used to post quite frequently, but living in Atlanta I don't have any inside contacts and the general analysis is usually performed quite capably by others. After watching this game though I had a number of different takes so I thought I would write a longish post on the team. Here goes…

Tony G: Seems to have improved his shooting and confidence with the ball a bit, but fundamentally he still is what he is. He is steady enough to keep us in games we should win, but he isn't athletic enough to match up with top point guards. I don't think Monty wants to play him, but I am not sure he has much of a choice.

Chris H: I liked what I saw. He is a better athlete than Tony, but my worry is that he is not dramatically better. With a year under his belt I could see him starting, but right now he isn't enough of an upgrade as a raw athlete over Tony to make up for the typical swings in performance of a freshman.

Julius B: We need JB on the floor because he is the only legitimate quick exterior defender that we have. I think his primary problem is that he is always looking for his own opportunities to score rather than running the offense. He is probably our 3rd or 4th offensive option most of the time he is on the floor, but he seems to put up an awful lot of shots. IMO, if he would just focus on his defense and using his quickness to create opportunities for his teammates he would be our starting PG. I don't know if Monty is telling him something different or if he just cant execute, but his defense is so much better than Tony that he would probably start if he could just not be a negative on the offensive end.

Casey J: I don't think the Casey was forcing things at all, despite what the announcers were saying and what I read here. He is doing just what he did last year but couple of things are going wrong. First, I just think that he is a bit off. All players go through slumps and this is one of his. I also think that when he used to penetrate the Collins twins where very good at cutting when their man left to double and getting wide open dunks. Our current players aren't quite as good and Casey sometimes gets stuck trying to force up a shot where last year we would have had a dunk. Bottom line, CJ is a great player who will bounce back and lead us this year. I am not worried at all.

Josh C: Wow. In the preseason people were looking for him to put up CJ type freshman numbers and I thought that we were expecting too much (CJ has out performed even his McD hype). This kid can do that and more. I love the way he moves without the ball and cuts for easy buckets. Imagine how good he is going to be after a year in the weight room.

Matt L: Completely lost his confidence on offense. Combine that with his poor defense and you have a player who is going to spend a lot of time on the bench. He probably could use a red-shirt year.

Justin D: It always confuses me why people think that a player can fix a bad shot in college. These guys have been playing organized hoop for 10 years by the time they get to college. If they haven't fixed there shot by then, what makes you think they ever will? There may be a lack of coaching, but if the average person on the bootboard can tell there is something wrong then an coach will be able to as well. The difference between JD and Madsen is that JD also doesn't finish well around the hoop. Every once in a while he uses his athleticism to make a great play, but the poor play in between is just painful to watch. I think that JD needs to get pissed off and get aggressive and physical. I don't know if it is in his nature, but what we are getting now isn't going to cut it.

Rob L: Wow. Reminds me a bit of C-Bo as a frosh: loads of potential that we have to find a way to get out of him. Why isn't this guy starting over JD? Better rebounder, better shooter, better finisher, better passer, stronger hands and stronger underneath. About the only thing JD has over him is more quickness to match up with PF type players. Imagine how good Rob could be in the conference with 20 minutes of PT now.

Joe K: There are a lot of things to like in his game. He is big and strong, has some nice moves and plays with a lot of intensity and heart. He clearly doesn't have the upside of JD, but we should find 5-10 minutes a game for this guy if for the energy level alone. FWIW, easily the best 4th big man in the conference if not the country.

Curtis B: I liked a lot of what I saw. He has clearly gotten a lot stronger but hasn't lost his quickness off the floor. I agree with MM that we need to find more ways to get him the ball. Maybe it would happen if JB would stop shooting it quite as much. I think that LW nailed this one though. Despite nice numbers, he simply doesn't attract the double teams and free other people up like the Collins twins did. Could be a very good player by next year though if he can stay healthy and keep getting stronger.

Overall there is a lot of talent here. Our PG situation is tough, but a lot better than UCLA for instance. Unlike the last couple of years, this team is likely to continue to improve and the season progresses. The conference title and a deep run in the tournament are more than realistic possibilities.


Poster: Mike Thometz
Re: calling all Booties in San Diego!
Date: 12/10/01

This Bootie was there. The first two games were nerve wracking with Stanford falling behind towards the end of the game and then pulling off great rallies to win. The first game was 28-24 and then 29-25 before Stanford closed them out at 31-29. The usual suspects played well but Ashley Ivey was the deciding factor IMO and her play was excellent. Her serving was especially damaging to Nebraska and she played some very good defense.

The team appeared very composed and confident but they were clearly elated by the victory. These women seem to the outside observer as all the things that we expect out of Stanford and make one proud to be a Stanford alum.

There were probably 1000 Nebraska fans there and I would estimate 500 Stanford fans. Nebraska was seated in large blocks which made their cheering louder. The Stanford fans were spread out through the audience. The tickets were sold as a two day package. They have been selling to the local volleyball community for months. There were not that many tickets available this week and all were in the top seven rows. Those seats appear to be over 50% occcupied tonight. However, I am sure there will be many vacant seats on Saturday as I would imagine the Neb fans will not show in numbers. Parking is easy and free in a staff garage which will be unused on Saturday.

There has been minimal publicity and promotion by Stanford for attending this Championship. The local papers have concentrated on Arizona which has four starters from the San Diego area and Stanford had not gotten much ink that I have seen.

LSJUMB and the Dollies were outstanding and the long postgame concert by the band was worth the price of admission.

A nice touch is that the teams are available fifteen minutes after the game to sign a team poster with pictures of all the players. The players were very friendly, the parents are all there, the coaches and the staff are there, and the fans enjoy the opportunity to talk with the team and congratuate them. (Leland was in town on Wednesday and was at a reception for the team although I did not see him tonight.)

Saturday will be an outstanding confrontation. Too close to call although on a neutral court I think Stanford wins 3-2 with a fifth game score of 15-11.


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