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(Week ending 12/09/01)


Gail Tate got the week going with Holding it back! - a look back at the Spartan game last Saturday and a little bit of reminiscing about this historic season.

On Tuesday, TreeBoy gave us his final BootPowerRatings of 2001. The only constant in these ratings during this crazy season has been kal holding firmly onto the cellar position.

Posts of the Week were released on Wednesday this week. Noteworthy posts that were recognized were penned by terry and tommy4.

On Wednesday, ME-97 headed over to Maples to check up on the hoops team and filed this practice report. The guys were still down about their performance in Chicago and Monty had them working on some zone defense.

On Friday night, ME-97 was back at Maples to witness the women's NCAA tourney volleyball victory over Utah. He filed this report.

After the victory on Friday, ME-97 could not stay away on Saturday. This is his report on another 3-0 volleyball victory, this time over Texas A&M.

Last weekend was a big football recruiting weekend and ME-97 was on it with this report. He discusses Gerald Commissiong, Wesley Walker, Tim Shaw and Trent Edwards.

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