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Football is a game of emotions that run hot and heavy, well beyond the four quarters of play - and we're just talking about the fans. In perhaps no other 2004 contest will there be as much heated anticipation than this weekend's Notre Dame game. One member of our premium football message board, the <i>BootBoard Plus</i>, summed it up nicely.

Subject:  ND Game This Saturday
By:  Angstrom
Posted:  October 3, 2004 @ 7:01 PM

I hope to hell Buddy and the rest of the coaches use the humiliation of last year's game as serious motivation for the game on Saturday in South Bend.

Yeah, I know we pretty much rolled over for them, but the memory of Tyrone running up the score on us last year still really, really pisses me off.  That game, his gaping hole in O-line recruiting in his last years here, his meddling in intra-team matters after he left, the Seattle Bowl lies, etc. all call for some serious pay-back to the little twerp.  Oh yeah, add in the hostility to The Bootleg, too.

I want this game badly.  I want a blowout.  I want this game more than any other game on our schedule this year or any other year.  More than USC, Washington or Kal.  Not only do I want to win, I want to win while physically beating their players into submission.  I want John Lynch to give our guys a pre-game talk on how to do it right.  I want to out-hit them so much they question their manhood by the end of the game.  I want to beat them to the extent they lose any confidence they have at mid-season and they give up on the rest of their season.

We need to put it all together this Saturday.  I want a definitive "statement" game that shows the Big-10, the SEC and the rest of the country that we're not the stereotype "finesse" Pac-10 team everybody thinks we are.

I want this game to be a turning point in the history of the program and in the career of Buddy Teevens.  I want to see Buddy show that he's got a nasty streak within him somewhere and that he's willing to humiliate Tyrone in his own house, on national TV.

So, go ahead Buddy.  Put your boot on Ty's neck and push down hard if you get the chance.  Bill Walsh would do it.  So would Denny Green.  We know Ty's capable of it too.

This is personal.

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