Stanford Mediocre at Best in Loss Against BYU

The best part about the Arizona loss yesterday? That game will get more publicity than the macabre Stanford-Brigham Young game.

The game confirmed all of the weaknesses of Stanford.  The Cardinal could do nothing inside, offensively or defensively,  after Curtis Borchardt picked up his 3rd and 4th fouls midway through the second half.  Casey Jacobsen, despite scoring 28 points, once again failed to come through during crunch time (two in the final ten minutes).  Offensive production from the point guard spot once again was abysmal.  Couple that with Josh Childress' game disappearing along with Omar and bin Laden.   Of course, Childress just a true freshman so you have to cut him some slack, but you get my point.

With the spectators (many were neutral UNLV fans) who adopted the underdog cougars chanting "O-ver Ra-ted!" as Stanford lost 81-76, it's a good thing the game ended somewhere around 2:00 eastern time.

The worst part: Video footage of Casey Jacobsen interviewing himself during one of the timeouts, then failing to come through late.  What he needs is a free throw shooting ability as great as that ego of his (7-13 on the night).  Maybe the team needs someone with a "give me da rock" attitude, but that was too complacent.  Less pomp, more made foul shots!

Should I be so harsh?  Well, according to Voltaire on the HoopsBoard, BYU was picked to finish 6th in the Mountain West.  BBKIA was right on the money last year when he said we'd miss last year's senior class.

In case if you missed the debacle, here's a pithy run down of the game.  The contest started slowly, with defenses dominating early.  Then, Stanford appeared to be getting a game inside as Curtis Borchardt and Justin Davis (with a career high 19 points) began to dominate.  However, the Cougars kept the game close with outstanding three point shooting.  Spearheading the attack from beyond the stripe was Eric Nielsen, who would go 2-2 during the game and would score 29 points.  The score remained tight at the break with Stanford ahead 41-40.

The Cougars jumped ahead early in the second half, catching the listless Cardinal by surprise.  Curtis Borchardt picked up his second and third fouls right off the bat, leaving a huge void in the middle.  After that, the BYU lead would hover between two and five until about ten minutes to go.  After Stanford retook a 63-61 lead, the Cougars went on a 11-0 run.  During that stretch, Stanford only made one field goal for nearly eight minutes.  The Cardinal, trailing by as much as nine with nearly two minutes to go, eventually fought back to get within four points before BYU closed the game to win 81-76.

Usually after I write an article like this, there seems to be plenty of fallout.  Please do not question my loyalty to the team.  Nobody would be happier to see the players bounce right back.  I know this team can play much, much better.  The team is young and there are going to be some potholes in the road ahead.  However, this game was simply disastrous. This is not to be taken as a personal knock on any of the players (Well, I do hope that CJ will find a little bit of humility).  Instead, I want it to be seen as a challenge for this team to rebound, get back on track, and make a run at the Pac-10 championship.  Let's all hope the team is willing to do so.

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