ASU Post-Game Quotes

As distraught as fans are after Saturday night's last-second loss at Arizona State, the players feel the greatest pain. Nobody felt it more than the defense, who was on the field as the Sun Devils drove the length in the final two minutes to score and defeat Stanford. Read on for post-game comments and emotions from players and Buddy Teevens.

Head Coach Buddy Teevens

"I thought our guys competed hard through the duration of the ballgame.  We had an opportunity, and it unfortunately slipped away.  Give tremendous credit to Andrew Walter - textbook operation.  He went down and protected the football.  He made some key throws.  He was harassed as we put some pressure on him, but he delivered in the end."

On the emotion after the loss
"I obviously feel down.  They played their hearts out.  We talked about courage earlier this morning - competing and overcoming adversity.  All the little catch phrases.  Today you saw all of them, and they did.  They competed right through the course of the ballgame - laid it out there.  They're a tough bunch and will recover.  We have Oregon State at home next week.  I'm just very, very proud of their effort."

On quarterback T.C. Ostrander
"He came in again, and he seemed sharper in the second outing.  He made some good decisions - made some timely throws.  He showed good courage in the pocket.  It was a little bit noisy on occasion, but he delivered some big balls.  He scrambled a little bit and picked up a first [down] as well.  I was really pleased and impressed with what he did."

On the injur status of quarterback Trent Edwards
"I haven't talked to the physicians, and I'm sure they won't prognosticate until [Sunday].  I'll find out exactly then.  He went in for x-rays.  I'm assuming they were negative; I wasn't told anything to the contrary.  He's sore and we'll find out [Sunday].  It was his left shoulder - non-passing."

On the quarterback outlook for next week
"We'll take a look and find out where we are.  I said it before, but I was very pleased.  I did think that T.C. progressed in getting rid of the football and not taking big sacks - playing wisely.  He's a tough kid.  The competitive pressure didn't appear to bother him, and he made some really critical throws in key situations."

On the mixed bag performance by the defense
"Bend but don't break.  That's a tough offense.  They put numbers up against everybody.  We got them off the field on a number of occasions and kept the score down.  It was a competitive situation, where the offense needed to score.  They just played their hearts out.  That's the way they are, and they'll do it again next week."

On the Hail Mary touchdown at the end of the first half
"They throw one up, and it lands.  The thing was it didn't distract anybody.  We went back out and competed the remaining 30.  That was the challenge that we put down, to put ourselves in a position to win the game."

More on the defense
"We did mix it up.  I thought Julian Jenkins played big from what I saw from the side.  O.J. Oshinowo did a great job.  Jon Alston was all over the backfield.  Brandon Harrison was back there sprinkling it around.  We had our opportunities."

On the difference between this loss and two years ago at Sun Devil Stadium
"We have some tremendous competitors, guys who will flat-out fight you every step of the way.  They play hard for each other.  You wish they had more to walk away with, but the competitive nature is something they will take with them long after the season."

On the unusual ebb and flow of the game
"It was a weird game.  We had the two blocked punts.  The offense really wasn't in a drive situation a whole bunch.  They went down two times and both resulted in touchdowns.  There were a couple three-and-outs, but not a whole lot.  A couple punts traded.  It was just a weird game.  The defense was on the field a bunch through no fault of the offense.  The offense was just opportunistic.  The ball was turned over - certainly a frustrating point.  I believe we had four turnovers, which always prove costly.  In the second half, we settled in a little bit and wore them down.  I think our guys are well conditioned.  They made a couple plays, and certainly T.C. came in and sparked some things as well."

On freshman running back Ray Jones
"He's a competitor - just a tough guy.  He's a true freshman.  He hadn't seen a whole lot of time all year long, but he ran like a veteran.  I thought he took it up inside for some tough physical yardage.  They were pressuring us a fair amount, and I thought he picked up his blocking responsibility effectively.  He really really blink an eye.  We were working on our number three guy, and I thought he performed admirably."

On the strong special teams play
"We put a lot of time and effort into it, and it paid dividends.  Udeme Udofia's two blocked punts - it's nice for a homecoming guy to make good.  He's a guy who loves to play and will be an outstanding player for us over time.  Michael Sgroi, I thought hit the ball very solidly.  Jay Ottovegio, I thought punted the ball effectively.  In the kickoff return game, T.J. Rushing had a couple nice returns.  And our coverage teams - both punt and kickoff - did a pretty good job limiting some pretty talented guys to negligible yardage."

On the fourth quarter decision to kick the field goal
"I thought our defense was playing well, defending the run well.  Mike [Sgroi] has been kicking it well, so we could get the ball down to their 20 and then rely on our defense, which has been huge all year long.  They answered, three and out.  [ASU] tried two runs and a pass - came up short.  That put us in a position, for the great call by Bill Cubit and nice throw-and-catch to Alex Smith by T.C.  It was calculated because of the long 4th and 15.  I just felt that comfortable with our defense and what they were comfortable of doing."

Outside Linebacker Jon Alston

"Emotionally, I was hurting pretty bad about five minutes ago.  But I'll tell you this:  I'm not going sit here and take this game - take this loss - and internalize and start thinking negatively.  Because I don't want to express that to my teammates, and I don't want them to express that to me.  I'm going to focus on the positive things.  I'm going to focus on the fact that we came out and showed up.  A lot of guys who hadn't showed up for us, showed up tonight.  As a team, we fought and we played with great courage.  We played with our hearts.  That's what I'm going to take.  And that's what I'm taking to work tomorrow.  That's what I'm taking next week.  That's, as a team, what we have to do."

On the 2nd & 29 completion in the final ASU drive
"2nd and 29.  Well, you know better than I do.  A 19-yard out on the sideline, caught by Derek Hagan.  That's what happened.  Andrew Walter is a great competitor, and tonight he showed and proved that."

On defensive fatigue on the final drive
"I don't believe so.  I don't believe we were tired.  I think we went out there and played with our hearts.  In your heart, you don't believe that.  You don't believe you're tired.  You give it everything you've got."

On how the defense got to the quarterback in this game
"There's nothing we did differently.  We just got home.  That's all I can say."

Wide Receiver Greg Camarillo

On the offense coming back in the fourth quarter
"Just attitude.  It was now or never.  If the offense didn't get moving, the game was just going to end.  We had the attitude in the huddle that it has to get done or it doesn't get done.  Coach always says that he has faith that everyone on the field can make a play.  Alex made a play.  Evan made a play.  Mark made a play - the refs didn't want him to make a play, but he caught that ball.  Attitude."

On this loss hurting more than others.
"Yeah.  There were so many emotional ups and downs.  You're winning, you're losing; you're winning, you're losing.  You think you've won it, and then - all your emotions are out there, and it just drops."

Reaction to the Hail Mary touchdown
"Just mad.  But we had faith in our team.  We've always been in tough situations.  Make plays, and maybe get lucky.  You've got to rebound.  Coach always puts in our ears that something bad is going to happen.  It's a matter of how you respond to that."

Quarterback T.C. Ostrander

"It took me a few drives to get into the rhythm of the game.  I think that showed.  It's unfortunate that we couldn't take advantage of the things we could haven't taken advantage of, when I was in there at first.  When I got settled down, it felt real good.  The other guys did a great job."

On mentally handling coming off the bench for a comeback
"I think as a unit, we stay very calm.  We're not all trying to do extra.  We just try to do what we can do to get the job done.  If everyone does there job, there are not a lot of people who can stop us.  As long as we keep that mentality - do what you would normally do and stay calm - we're fine in those situations."

On the last touchdown pass to Alex Smith
"We had been looking at that play all night because their safeties kept playing out more.  Alex is the guy we want to go to in that situation because he wants the ball.  He wants it real bad, and he showed it on that play."

Thinking the game was won at that point?
"There was still quite a bit of time left, and they have a pretty potent offense.  Our defense had done a great job all night, so we were pretty confident that we had it.  But again, our defense had done a great job all night and they had a potent offense.  They just came out on top this time."

On confidence in the defense when electing to kick the field goal
"We had, what, four turnovers tonight.  Normally when you have that many turnovers, other teams are going to score on that.  It seemed that our defense responded really well to all that adversity.  They kept us in the game and gave us a chance to come back.  At that point we were really confident that we'd get the ball back with some time."

On the immediate reaction to seeing Trent Edwards go down, signaling his entry
"Obviously, when you watch the game from the sideline, it's different from going in there and playing.  What we try to do when we're on the sideline is keep our head in the game as much as we can.  Kind of like, play it through Trent.  When I actually got that opportunity, I just tried to stay calm because I basically knew what they were trying to do defensively."

Nose Tackle Babatunde Oshinowo

"This is on us.  We didn't make the plays when we had to."

On the DL fatigue late without Casey Carroll in the rotation
"We were a little hurt, but for the most part we did a good job.  We had to do a lot of three-man rushes, and we got pretty good pressure with just the three-man rush.  Even with just one less guy."

Worn out on the final drive?
"Not particularly.  We just didn't make the plays we needed to."

On the emotion of the loss
"When you know that you're better than a team, and you don't play that way.  You just don't do what you need to do.  That seems to be the story of our lives, of the season.  We'll be better than a team, we'll be outplaying a team, and then we'll do something to give it away.  We never get beat; we always lose games.  We always give it away."

Reach a boiling point now, after this particularly painful loss?
Maybe a lesser team would reach their boiling point.  But we know how far we've come and what we need to do to finish this season right."

On the gameplan for getting a good pass rush
"We knew that their O-line comes out hard with their initial first contact, but then second-effort rushes they would give up.  We did an alright job on that most of the game.  We knew that our scheme works.  We know that it works.  We got a lot of pressure early on. "

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